Elena Perlino, Pipeline: Trafficking in women from Nigeria

Italy, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© 2014 (photographs) Elena Perlino, Paris www.elenaperlino.com

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has placed Nigeria on its list of the eight countries with the world’s highest rate of human trafficking. The documentary photographer Elena Perlino has spent the past several years exploring its connections with Italy, where a widespread sex industry has developed based on the trade of African women.

Reykjavik : Mark Chester

Iceland, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Man with Opera Glasses, New York, 1974 | Portrait of Go Player, California, 1975 © Mark Chester

Until October 14, the Reykjavík Museum of Photography features the work of Mark Chester. Mark Chester’s Twosomes touring exhibit and award-winning companion book from Un-Gyve Press represents images culled from his forty years of traveling with a camera, presented in pairings related by subject matter, graphic interest or, as the photographer puts it, “a stretch of the imagination.”

Berlin: Maxime Ballesteros
Entre chien et loup

Germany, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

First date, Berlin-west, 2013 © Maxime Ballesteros

"Entre chien et loup" twilight is this special and sudden moment of the day just before night, where you can't distinguish a dog from a wolf. Things start to melt together, different worlds to step on each other. The familiar takes an unknown face and the limit between domestic and wild, comfort and fear gets unclear.

Lausanne : New acquisitions for Musée de l'Elysée

Switzerland, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Gilles Peress, Scène de rue, Azerbaïdjan, 1979, Gilles Peress © Gilles Peress

The Musée de l’Elysée announces that its collections have been enriched by a major acquisition and donation: 5000 photography books belonging to Christoph Schifferli and 100 original prints by Gilles Peress have entered the museum.

Renée C. Byer
Living On a Dollar a Day

United States, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. Four-year-old Ana-Maria Tudor, above, stands in the light of her doorway in Bucharest, Romania, hoping for a miracle as her family faces eviction from the only home they have ever had. Her father recently had a gall bladder surgery that resulted in an infection and left him unable to work. The one room they live in has no bathroom or running water. © Renée C. Byer

“...I was humbled by the grace, generosity, fortitude, and bravery of the hardworking men, women and children who allowed me into their lives, lives they did not choose and often cannot control. Through them my life was enriched. I hope you’ll look deeply into these photographs and let them change your life too.” – Renée C. Byer

Zenon Texeira
The Official Formula 1 Opus

Germany, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Niki Lauda, Formula One World Champion 1975, 1977 & 1984, Silverstone, 2006. © Zenon Texeira.

“No driver, no person, will ever be bigger than Formula 1 itself.” – Bernie Ecclestone. Until September 13, the gallery CAMERA WORK presents The Official Formula 1 Opus Exhibition. The exhibition shows a selection of 40 portraits of the greatest legends from the history of Formula 1 – created by the artist Zenon Texeira.

Lebanon: Randa Mirza

Lebanon, written by Coline C

Live up to your true nature © Randa Mirza

One of the latest series from the Lebanese photographer Randa MirzaBeirutopia, takes the viewer into the urban imaginary of Beirut, which is currently rebuilding itself: “In that sense, I’m not original. After the war, many  Lebanese photographers took on the theme of reconstruction.” Instead, it’s her approach that catches the eye.