New York: Horst
Man of style

United States, written by Jonas Cuénin

Muriel Maxwell, American Vogue, 1939 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate

Two exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Staley Wise Gallery in New York, which run through January 4th, 2015, and November 1st, 2014, respectively, together form a major retrospective dedicated to fashion photographer Horst, who also dabbled in nature, travel and the mysteries of surrealism.

Throwback Thursdays
By Pauline Auzou

France, written by Pauline Auzou


Once a week, Twitter and Instagram wax nostalgic. When you see a grainy class photo of oily-faced kids with awkward turtlenecks, you can be sure it’s Throwback Thursday. This social network trend has users posting their old photos once a week. Nostalgia is the human feeling that gives old memories a new varnish, allowing us to revisit them with  newfound tenderness. And it’s a nice excuse to post more and interact with our peers. 

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb: Memory City

United States, written by Agathe Cancellieri

Our Mother of Sorrows Church, Greece, Rochester, NY, 2012 © Rebecca Norris Webb

For their second collaborative photographic book, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, are exploring the legendary city of Rochester, home of Eastman Kodak Company for 125 years. Published by Radius Books, Memory City, is an elegy to the city’s past and contemporary history. It’s also a tribute to Kodachrome, the now discontinued color film, which Alex Webb has been using for 30 years along with many other photographers.

Blomberg’s Ecuador

Ecuador, written by Krupskaia Quevedo

Fille avec araignée. Ile Puná, Guayas, Equateur 1952 © Rolf Blomberg

It was in Ecuador, a country half the size of France, that Rolf Blomberg tried out the synthesis of what he had seen and experienced in countries as varied as Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Indochina, Kenya, Peru and Turkey. Blomberg was born in Sweden in 1912 and died in Quito in 1996. He dedicated his life to travel and showing the wonders of Ecuador through photography, writing and documentary filmmaking.

Montevideo: Susette Kok
17.815 : Cuidame que yo te cuidaré

Uruguay, written by Céline Chevallier

© Susette Kok

Situated in a outdoor gallery Parque Rodó in Montevideo, Uruguay, the photographs of Susette Kok address the painful subject of sex with children. Through October 22nd, the Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo is presenting the exhibition 17.815: Cuidame que yo te cuidaré (Take Care of Me and I’ll Take Care of You).

Dallas : Geof Kern
Fashion & Advertising

United States, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Kiss, 1995 © Geof Kern | Courtesy PDNB Gallery, Dallas, TX

This fall, PDNB Gallery presents  a solo show for  fashion and advertising photographer, Geof Kern, (b. 1950, Brooklyn, NY). Kern is a Dallas treasure, well known in fashion circles, particularly the Neiman Marcus set. This exhibition strongly illustrates the influence of high art on the world of advertising. This exhibition includes his most memorable photographs from fashion projects for Matsuda Tokyo and Neiman Marcus. 

Paris: Alexander Gronsky
at the Polka Galerie

France, written by Anne-Claire Meffre

Stalingrad © Alexander Gronsky, courtesy Polkagalerie

The Polka Gallery is currently exhibiting the latest series from Alexander GronskyReenAct, which features nine snowy and highly pictorial triptychs of reenactments of Soviet battles from WWII to the invasion of Afghanistan. In this series, the landscape, as in Gronsky’s previous work, occupies an important place.