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France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Le portail © Michel Kirch, sélectionné en avril 2015

Every weekend, The Eye of Photography dedicates itself to the portfolios of its readers. By publishing the best portfolios, the magazine enables photographers around the world to show case their photographs.

Diane Dufraisy

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Rehumanisation © Diane Dufraisy

I realize documentary and fine art photographs. I feel like the scene, sublimate them, make them revive the time of an image, mixing dream and reality. I appropriate the image by placing the human in places abandoned to remind the transience of all things.

Ksenija Spanec

Croatia, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Embrace © Ksenija Spanec

The feeling of Metamorphosis and Solitude. The delicacy of the texture that almost resembles fabric by making every detail and irregularity visible… It shapes pure emptiness in the air, there is no inner shape determining the form of the flower, dictating the subtle movement of its petals.

Maya Hautefeuille
Displaced in Lebanon : Syrian Women

United States, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Syrian Women © Maya Hautefeuille

The Syrian revolution has now almost inconceivably entered its 5th year. On March 15th, calendars quietly flipped back to the date which marked the beginning of the 2011 uprising that no one predicted would go on to black out the coming years as a full-blown war.

Michel Handschumacher
Le temps n'efface pas les erreurs

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Le temps n'efface pas les erreurs © Michel Handschumacher

This work titled "Le temps n'efface pas les erreurs" was done in the Rivesaltes camp during the years 2013 and 2014. The pictures are meant to be  deliberately aesthetic, playing with the lights, framed views and rigorous perspectives. There is no intention to magnify the place.

Ricardo de Vicq
Meridian 180

Brazil, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich

This work entitled “Meridian 180” was made between 2012 and 2013.
A series of photographic collages that represent a process of choices that people make along the trajectory of their lives. These choices determine facts and events; reflections of which can be seen in coming decades, as a consequence of chosen paths.

Richard S. Chow
Distant Memories

United States, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Distant Memories © Richard S. Chow

My family moved from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when I was sixteen. Those first years were difficult for an immigrant teenager due to language and culture shifts, and at times were overwhelming as I tried to find my place in this new world.  I discovered that in Southern California, the beach culture is ingrained in the lifestyle, and I quickly learned that it was a place that provided comfort and inspiration to me as a young man. 

Jorge Luis Santos Garcia
Les Déesses Incarnées

Venezuela, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© Jorge Luis Santos Garcia

This series is a second evolutionary stage of the "Descostruccions les êtres parfait" in which the author explores femininity, religious imagery and faces in 11 bodies of work, once again deconstructing space and body to recreate a woman transformed into a goddess or perhaps the Goddess incarnate in all women.

Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Singing the same song © Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

I “ran” with the women over my days in Jodhpur this past March where this work is from. This was my first visit to India and I am returning.
The veil is the symbol of women in India. Women are covered in public. Many, drape fabrics completely over their faces, all their senses are covered.

Rodolphe Sebbah
Street photographer

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Affiche cagoule © Rod Sebbah

As a street photographer I am constantly confronted with posters, signs, advertising slogans, tags and all forms of written texts in general. Sometimes the confrontation of these messages with their urban environment can give fun or funny pictures.