The New York Times Portfolio Reviews
By Elizabeth Avedon - Day 1

United States, written by Elizabeth Avedon

Incubated © Rocio de Alba

I was honored to be invited as a Reviewer for the third annual "New York Portfolio Review" sponsored by the New York Times Lens Blog and the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism. The reviews took place over a recent weekend with Day One for photographers 21 and older, each of whom received six private critiques; Day Two for photographers 18 to 27 years old, with four private critiques for each participant.

The New York Times Portfolio Reviews
By Elizabeth Avedon - Day 2

United States, written by Elizabeth Avedon

and Charlie © Amiko Li

James Estrin took the lead along with his Lens Blog colleagues David Gonzalez and Whitney Richardson, and Laura Roumanos of United Photo Industries and Photoville, screening and editing thousands of (free) entries down to the chosen photographers who were then assigned one-on-one portfolio reviews with some of the top photography editors, curators, gallerists and book publishers.

Diyarbakir: The Cry of Silence, Antoine Agoudjian and Armenian Memory

Turkey, written by Ericka Weidmann

19 janvier, 1500 heures, Istanbul, Turquie, 2007 © Antoine Agoudjian

For Antoine Agoudjian, it all began on December 7th, 1988, when an earthquake struck Armenia. Between 25,000 and 30,000 Armenians lost their lives. Agoudjian was only 27 at the time, and he returned to his country of origin to aid the survivors. He began a long and introspective work on the memory of the Armenian genocide, a lifetime’s work, which he has been pursuing for nearly 30 years. Today this adventure takes us to Diyarbakir, in Anatolia, for the opening of his exhibition Le Cri du Silence on April 24th, 2015—one century to the day after the raid of April 24th, 1915, perpetrated by the Young Turks, which officially marked the beginning of the genocide that led to the deaths of 1.5 million people.

L'Instant Paris Match: à la recherche de la terre promise
by Olivier Jobard

France, written by Jérôme Huffer

Grèce. Ile de Kos. 19 avril 2015.

The Greek Islands, such as Kos, are the gateway to Europe for Syrian refugees. Paris Match asked the photographer Olivier Jobard to document the situation. His report, accompanied by an investigation by our correspondent Flore Olive, can be found in issue No. 3440 of Paris Match, which hit stands on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015.

Los Angeles: Flash by Lenny Kravitz

United States, written by Andy Romanoff

Flash © Lenny Kravitz

Imagine if you will that these pictures are six feet across, that the faces in them are life size and staring at you with intense concentration and excitement, longing and maybe love. Most of us, if we are lucky have had one or two people stare at us this way in our lifetime, a lover or a child perhaps. Lenny Kravitz had throngs of people who stared at him like that every day. So Lenny stared back.

New York : Land by Uruma Takezawa at Foto-Care Gallery

United States, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Ethiopia © Uruma Takezawa

The work of Uruma Takezawa, one of Japan's rising stars in the field of photography, and the recently announced Grand Prize Winner of the third Nikkei National Geographic Photo Prize, will be on view in New York this spring as part of "Sashin: Photography from Japan," a new multi-exhibition program that will take place in New York City in April and May 2015 to raise greater awareness of Japanese photographers.

Ilford, Story of a Bankruptcy: What Brought Ilford Down (2/5)
by Thomas Dayer et Nicolas Brodard

Switzerland, written by Thomas Dayer et Nicolas Brodard

La salle de contrôle du « T4″, véritable bâtiment-machine où le papier, engagé dans un circuit de plusieurs centaines de mètres, était couché, séché et mis en bobine © Nicolas Brodard pour

Was the end of Ilford Imaging inevitable? “As a photo paper producer, it was doomed to extinction,” says Christian Dumas, who joined the company in 1970 and was one of the last few executives. But blaming the market is too simple. Strategic errors were committed. “Absolutely,” says Paul Willems, who became Ilford’s last CEO in 2011. “The market killed Ilford because Ilford was unable to do anything else,” says Dumas. Autopsy of a failure.

MAP Toulouse 2015 : The call for Young Talent project

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© Danielle Houghton - 3ème prix Jeune Talent MAP Toulouse 2014

The call for Young Talent project is a class designed to photography school students-authors, art and visual communication. Naturally challengers amateur authors are invited to attend. They are invited to interpret the theme of the competition « Le Portrait et ses états ».

The French Connection in Astronomical Photography
by Anamorfose

Belgium, written by La Rédaction / The Staff


My astronomical and photographic adventure started about 40 years ago (don’t ask my age) with my first telescope and camera. The adventure took serious proportions with my studies in photography at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. A school with a lot of freedom and place for experiment. It was there that I started to experiment with the pictorialist processes.