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Afghan Dream

Afghanistan, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Sparghai et sa famille passent un vendredi après-midi à Qargha, une base de loisir située à quelques kilomètres de Kaboul. Sparghai a 21 ans, elle vient d’obtenir son master en sciences humaines à l’université de Kaboul et elle est traductrice pour les medias occidentaux depuis quelques années. Sur une colline en contre-haut, Frough, sa cousine, mime la scène de Titanic avec son fiancé, pour la photo. Frogh habite en Allemagne ; comme chaque année, elle vient passer un mois de vacances à Kaboul, pour voir ses proches. Elle peut ainsi leur ramener des produits dernier cri. Kaboul, Afghanistan 2013. © Sandra Calligaro

Afghan Dream: The Emergence of a new urban class in Kabul

The series Afghan Dream is a long-term project I have been working on since 2011. Having lived for several years in Kabul, I wanted to record the experience of daily life in the city through my eyes as an author.
As a member of the Picturetank agency, my work has appeared regularly in the media. But with this work I took a documentary approach in order to show Afghanistan in ways rarely depicted in the news. My goal was to show the  new middle class  of Kabul in the most ordinary way possible, providing an alternative to the sensational tone of the media, which focuses primarily on conflicts. A mother helps her daughter to do her homework. Teenagers chat on their smartphones. A family watches television. These situations underline the similarities between their culture and the viewer’s.
Afghan Dream is accompanied by a sociological analysis by Gilles Dorronsoro, a specialist in contemporary Afghanistan, and the artist Julie Rousse has created an audio piece out of interviews and sounds recorded in Kabul in the spring of 2013.

Gilles Dorronsoro

Upcoming exhibitions :

From December 20th 2013 to February 23rd, 2014
Bibliothèque Nationale de France F. Mitterrand
Site Tolbiac
75013 Paris
From February 7th to March 16th, 2014
dans le cadre du festival Circulation(s)
5 Rue Curial
75019 Paris


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