Vivre la France
Photographies 1914 - 2014

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© Xavier Vaucher 1914 | Marie-Hélène Le Ny, 2012

Éditions Sekoya has just published Vivre la France, a photo book that combines two sets of portraits taken a century apart. The first set dates back to World War I. Most of the subjects are women and children looking solemn. The men were most likely at the front, and the portraits were probably taken for them. The negative plates were found by Pierre-A Brossault in the attic of a house he bought. All of the portraits were taken in the courtyard of a house in the village of the Jura region of France.
Almost a century later, Marie-Hélène Le Ny took a series of new portraits in the same location. The link between “us” and “them” is Julienne, who will soon turn 100, and who was only 6 months old when her portrait was taken in 1914.

Vivre la France
Photographies 1914 - 2014
Photographs : Marie-Hélène Le NY
Texts :
Jean-Christian Fleury, Pierre-A Brossault
ditions du Sekoya
192 pages,
240 X 320 mm
ISBN 978-2-84751-100-0
35.00 €