Christian Lutz: The sacred and the profane

Switzerland, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Tropical Gift, 2010 © Christian Lutz

Work by the Swiss photographer Christian Lutz (b. 1973) is currently on display at L’Espace in Geneva as part of the exhibition Le sacré et le profane (The Sacred and the Profane), which places Lutz’s photographs in comparison with the paintings of Niura Bellavinha.

In 1514, Titian paints a scene that has long had several interpretations. One of them, made ​​in the 18th century, gave rise to a title of this exhibition: "The sacred love and profane love". The various readings, approaches and comments made on this painting shows how a single image can be seen, perceived and interpreted in multiple ways. This "vulnerability" of the image was the starting point of the exhibition that is presented. To broaden this discussion, exhibition show works made ​​using two diferente media : painting and photography.

In his work, Lutz straddles the line between reportage and documentary, carefully covering the world as is it today, but with a global vision. He examines the ties between power and politics (Protokoll), between power and economics (Tropical Gift) and between power and religion (In Jesus’ Name). The photographer presented these three series as a trilogy at the Musée de l’Elysée in 2013.

Here is a selection of photographs taken from several series shot in the last seven years.

Le sacré et le profane

Photographs by Christian Lutz
Until February 2nd, 2014
Espace L, Art Contemporain
Route des Jeunes 43, Allée G
CH-1227 Genève / Acacias
+41 22 301 64 90

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