Trends: Kourtney Roy
Fixed in No-Time

France, written by Severine Morel

Self-Portrait, Blue truck, 2013 © Kourtney Roy

At the border of art and fashion, Kourtney Roy combines fiction and self-portraiture in her too-perfect women encapsulated in the banality of another era. Immersed in their imaginations, these sublime women are placed in settings which are transformed into spaces where narrative struggles to occur. In her superb presence, the heroine waits for the other to give her meaning. Her self-portraits are films that last a single frame. In her work, housewives, secretaries, Wonder Woman and a femme fatale question stereotypes of women and offer parallel lives. “I write stories in my head. The imaginary world seems much more interesting that the reality imposed on us by society.”

Kourtney Roy was born in 1981 in Canada, where she grew up. She studied art and design, graduating from the Université Emily Carr in 2004. Both a model and a photographer, Roy leaned more towards photography, which gave rise to her interest in her surroundings and her strong ties with the real. She began to take self-portraits, finding it easier to embody the characters herself rather than directing models.

The world of Kourtney Roy is sometimes compared with that of Cindy Sherman, Guy Bourdin and William Eggleston, with whom she shares an extreme fascination for color.

Carole Lambert 

March 6 - April 5, 2014
Galerie Catherine et André Hug
40 rue de Seine - 2 rue de l'Echaudé, 75006 Paris

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