Histoires de scoop. PHOTO #122, nov 1977: Daniel Angéli

France, written by Jean-Jacques Naudet

"Paparazzi ! Daniel Angeli", PHOTO #122, novembre 1977

Daniel Angeli: Tips and Tricks from the King of Tabloid Photography

“I’d be a fool not to click the shutter when I surprise a famous person at their worst, a star in the nude or some celebrity couple. For three reasons: first, somebody else would get the picture; second, I’d lose a lot of money; and, finally, because I’d miss out on the fun. I love this job. And I do it the best I can. There’s no hypocrisy at play: everyone in this profession is on the lookout for pictures like this. A good reporter has to be a good paparazzo or else he should stick with still lifes.”

Is Daniel Angéli some kind of thug? He looks the part. Rather short with brown hair, his eyes a little too intense, his smile a little too forced or too bitter, his tone too playful. He chose a dubious business, that’s for sure. It could be worse. But forget for a moment about what drives tabloid journalists, about star worship, the myth of high—and therefore corrupt—society and the rights of groupies and other fans to stay informed. Now replace that star—stalked, spied upon, tracked day and night—with yourself.

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"Paparazzi ! Daniel Angeli", PHOTO #122, November 1977