Cologne: Tim Parchikov
Fast-moving Tides

Germany, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

Burning News © Tim Parchikov

Looking at the worldwide changes, Tim Parchikov connects  photographs from his series “Burning News” with colour negative photographs of Moscow and mystical panorama views of Iceland. The photographs of the series 'Burning News' show the problem of how  human consciousness reacts to the flow of informations – being constantly bombarded by 'hot news' until it reaches a critical point. Against a snowy landscape, the people in these photographs clutch burning newspapers, unaware of the flames creeping towards their faces. 

The movie “Snowmen” makes direct reference to this strain of narration and also highlights the possibility of a chthonic aggression often followed by a period of ease, symbolized here by the anabiosis of the winter hibernation. In another video work, titled “Matchbox”, a protagonist is blindfolded and forced to participate in some kind of Russian roulette. It is the drama of a country whose history is always ready to run in circles and to repeat itself.

Fast-Moving Tides
June 14 - August 23 2014
Galerie Priska Pasquer
Albertusstr. 9-11
50667 Cologne

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