Gordes: Claude Guillaumin
Water, Women, Sensuality

France, written by La Rédaction / The Staff

© Claude Guillaumin

Who is Claude Guillaumin? A lover of women? A voyeur? Pygmalion? Probably all three. But in this profession, where one is surrounded by beautiful bodies and faces, who isn’t? One thing separates him from the others, however. It’s the way he tries to find the truth of each one of these “girl-flowers.” Guillaumin doesn’t just want them to look beautiful, he wants to “haunt” them. “I like to find the beginners, get them out of their shells, force them to surpass themselves, to sublime themselves, to abandon themselves as if they were in love,” says Guillaumin. “Some of them let it happen. They understand the need to give themselves fully to the camera, or else they’ll end up with the same inexpressive face that 15 other photographers have all photographed the same way.”

July 15 - August 9 août 2014
6 place du chateau
84220 Gordes


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