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Call for applications: First Brittany Grand Prize of Photography

The French region of Brittany launches its first photographic contest. Open to “professional p...

Galleries: MIA Photo Fair 2018 Opens Application

The eighteenth edition of the MIA Photo Fair will be held from 9 to 12 March 2018 in Milan. The fair...

Bieke Depoorter Wins Levallois Prize 2017

The Levallois 2017 Prize for young international photography has been been given to the Belgian pho...
Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA
Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA

These two artists both work in several genres: sculpture, modeling, painting and needlework. All of it appears in their photography, which could qualify as installation; critics have described their work as “photographic tableaux”. One thinks of Georges Rousse or Christo’s Land Art, where the photograph serves as a document of an installation.

Sandy Skoglund (b. 1946) is an American photographer. She teaches at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Cerise Doucède (b. 1987) is a French photographer. She won the Royal Monceau Photo contest in 2012.

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Mises en scène
Du 6 septembre au 3 octobre 2012
Inception Gallery
37, rue de Poitou
75003 Paris

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20th Anniversary Prix HSBC pour la Photographie : Cerise Doucède, 2013 Winner

Our series on the Prix HSBC pour la Photographie has almost reached its end. This year, we’re showcasing the work of the two winners of the 2013 edition. Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais, art historian and head of the photography collection of the Musée d'Art Modernes d...

Sandy Skoglund: “I think of Food as a universal language”
A series by Holden Luntz Gallery

Sandy Skoglund was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts (USA) in 1946. She studied studio art and art history at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts from 1964 - 68. Skoglund went to graduate school at the University of Iowa in 1969 where she studied filmmaking, intaglio printm...

Sandy Skoglund, Icons of the American pop culture

Sandy Skoglund creates surrealist images by building elaborate sets or tableaux, furnishing them with carefully selected colored furniture and other objects, a process of which takes her months to complete.

Paris : Cerise Doucède, Égarements

Cerise Doucède and her work first gained notoriety in 2013 when she won the HSBC photography award. Galerie Charron in Paris is presenting her work throughout June with Mimesis, an exhibition of her images and those of painter Michael Doucet. Cerise is showing her series entitle...