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Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone
Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone

Monika Koencke’s selection, Galerie Susanne Zander

I would suggest the followings works by artists Horst Ademeit

. A Polaroid, ideally an Observation Photograph (a Polaroid of his surroundings in his flat or the neighbourhood of Flingern in Düsseldorf where Ademeit lived ) and a Daily Photograph (one Polaroid taken every day of the daily newspaper and of his measurements and which is numbered on top of the picture). 
I have chosen here Daily Photograph “2049” (Archive Nr. Ad3796) taken on March 10 1994. The newspaper tells the shocking story of a son (24) that  stabbed his mother (42) to death with a bread knife. 

. A series of vintage photographs taken in the early 1980s, so quite early in his oeuvre. This is a sort of long-time observation of the rooftops of the house across through all seasons . This is the first time we are showing this very early work. It is one of the special things we are bringing to Paris this year.

. A memory card with digital photographs taken in 2004. Ademeit started to take digital photographs in 1999 parallel to Polaroid. Similarly he made cards with the numeration of his “Daily” Photographs, only this time on separate cards which he placed into his pictures. I have chosen an image  from memory card Ad/SK003. There are 225 more photographs on this card. It  is dated  between the 8th of September and the 11th of November 2004.

Galerie Suzanne Zander
Booth B22
Paris Photo 2013

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Paris Photo 2013

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