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Photographe anonyme. Un Picasso à tomber par terre.
Allemagne, 1955. Tirage argentique d'époque légèrement rehaussé. 21,3 x 16,2 cm
Photographe anonyme. Un Picasso à tomber par terre. Allemagne, 1955. Tirage argentique d'époque légèrement rehaussé. 21,3 x 16,2 cm

1975 is the year I mark as being my first as a professional, I was twenty years old. I decided I wanted to be a portraitist after studying with Philippe Halsman and Arnold Newman. I started out by writing letters to every famous artist, actor, musician, director, writer, politician…  everyone I’d heard of asking to photograph them. I didn’t have any connections to them. But I lived in Manhattan where many of them did. I’d mail my letter with a few of my photos asking for fifteen minutes of their time. The very first week a few wrote back with a yes, amazing! After that I got very intense and driven pursuing all the artists I admired.

The bulk of my work are shoots I’ve arranged this way. If I wanted to photograph someone I’d figure out how to contact them and get my work to them. It was never for pay or publication. It’s just what I wanted to do, people I wanted to meet. And how cool to go to “The Factory” to shoot Andy Warhol simply because I asked and he said yes because he thought my work was good enough. I ended up shooting Andy’s portrait four times. That led to shooting a lot for Interview Magazine. Which led to getting an agent, getting lots of fashion shoots, getting my studio right across the street from “The Factory” and a very bohemian lifestyle.I had a lot of success early on.
To keep things interesting, I started shooting heroin.  Made a mess of my life.  Lost everything, ending up broke and homeless.  It took a while, but I got my act together. Starting over just the way I began, mailing the letters.
 I moved to Los Angeles in 1991, working mostly in the entertainment business and in that mostly in the movie business.In 2004 I stopped shooting.I  needed a break from it and there were other creative pursuits I wanted to devote myself to . In 2012 I started shooting again.  Loving it more now than I can ever remember.

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Michael Tighe

Michael Tighe vit et travaille à Los Angeles.

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River Phoenix
by Michael Tighe

I first met River Phoenix in 1990 in Gainesville, Florida. I’d flown down from New York City. I was shooting him for a magazine. I don’t remember which one. His family had this beautiful wild piece of land on the edge of a swamp. I was there for two days. We smoked po...

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Michael Tighe

I know this is really stretching the definition of photography...   but these images are actually photographs. They start out as a half finished painting or drawing which I then photograph. Often using lights to exaggerate the texture and other dramatic effects. Then I ...

Michael Tighe

Michael Tighe : Self Portraits

I have been shooting self-portraits since 1973 when I first got serious about photography. It's something I've always loved doing and even more so as I get older.