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Athens Photo Festival calls for entries

Athens Photo Festival, which will take place in the Greek capital from June 7 to  July30 just open...

Les Rencontres d’Arles moves to Paris-II Panthéon Assas university

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 22 of March, will open Les Paradis. Rapport Annuel, an exhibition by Paolo...

ICP celebrates African-American women on its windows

Until March 26th, The International Center of Photography (ICP) honors Afro-American women on its f...
Philipp Hugues Bonan © Galerie Lame Marseille
Philipp Hugues Bonan © Galerie Lame Marseille

Dewi Lewis is unveiling  new books in Arles, including Laia Abril’s The Epilogue, a demonstration of the editorial possibilities of the intimate account of an underestimated societal scourge: bulimia. As part of a broader investigation into this devastating illness, which is often associated with the exacting standards of beauty imposed by the all-powerful fashion industry, Abril met with the parents of Cammy Robinson, who died of  the consequences of bulimia at age 26. 

Abril pieces together Cammy’s life through interviews with her loved ones, precious family albums, medical certificates, letters, newspaper clippings and excerpts from Cammy’s journal, all presented in their original format and materials. Fragments of text like “She promised me she had quit vomiting,” and “I remember feeling relieved because she was in a safe place,” are found throughout the book.

The documentary diversity reflects the complexity of this unfathomable tragedy and the regret at being unable to prevent it. Bulimia is both hidden and visible, psychological and physical, a reaction to external and internal pressure. The Epilogue is a cathartic work for the Robinson family, retracing the ups and downs of Cammy’s struggle in an effort to understand it. 

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New York : The Play and Staging of the Self, Five Photographers on Identity

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery presents The Play and Staging of the Self: Five Photographers on Identity, featuring the work of five emerging and established photographers: Laia Abril, Jen Davis, Olya Ivanova, Lindsay Morris, and Chris Rijksen.

Laia Abril, Lobismuller

Was the Werewolf of Allariz a woman? In 1853, Manuel Blanco Romasanta was tried for the murder of 17 people: he confessed to nine of them but declared himself not guilty because he was suffering from a curse that turned him into a wolf. Although this defence was rejected at trial...