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Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA
Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA

Stefano de Luigi is exhibiting a beautiful, photographic epic at the Galerie Le Passage du Désir, a sensitive and original epic that defies time, an epic of history and legend revisited with the simple and ingenious inventions of our time: iPhones, crowdfunding and Hipstamatic.

Following in the footsteps of Ulysses, de Luigi traveled the Mediterranean to experience Homer’s mythical Odyssey. In Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Italy, he photographed and recorded the sounds of the sea and the street, filmed cities and boats, asking the people he met to read passages from The Odyssey in their native tongue.

This existential journey is all the more troubling and touching because it is straight from the heart, and because the pictures are of an astonishing pictorial quality. Funded by online crowds and shot with a tiny, modern camera, de Luigi’s own odyssey is today being told through an incredible exhibition of 90 magnificent photographs.

Idyssey is part of the official program of the European Month of Photography in Paris. It is curated by Laura Serani.

Stefano De Luigi was born in Cologne in 1964. His books include Pornoland (2004) and Blanco (2010), which was named Best Photo Book by the 64th edition of POYi. His work has received four World Press Photo Awards (2011, 2010, 2007 and 1998) and been exhibited in New York, Paris, Rome, Edinburgh, Athens and Arles.

Stefano de Luigi, Idyssey
October 31th – 16 November 16th

BETC – Le Passage du Désir
85-87, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin – Paris 10e
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, from 2:00pm to 6:30pm
Wednesday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

ISBN: 978-88-908652-0-6 Pages: 56

Format: 279 x 420 Photos: 72
Design: Mario Piazza 46xy
Texts: Claudio Magris, Laura Serani
Publisher: aBcM


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Stefano De Luigi

Stefano De Luigi is an American photographer, born in 1964. He is a member of VII Agency and he lives in Paris.