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Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA
Joe Shore, Marilyn Monroe (In shorts), 1952 © Joe Shore and Fahey/Klein Gallery, LA

Sunil Gupta’s Out and About: New York and New Delhi examines the gay and lesbian communities of two major cities. It runs through December 20th and is being presented by SepiaEye.

In 1976, Gupta spent a year in an MBA program in New York. Finding himself more interested in photography than management, he took workshops at the New School. There he met Lisette Model, who encouraged him to become a photographer, and quickly found his subject: the New York gay community, which had just begun entering the public space at a time when America was still puritanical in many ways. The series Christopher Street (1976) follows men who unabashedly display their difference on the streets of Greenwich Village. AIDS had not yet struck, and sexual liberation was underway. The subjects are relaxed. Couples stroll through the streets, chatting, meeting up at street corners and neighborhood bars. Gupta’s photographs communicate a feeling a freedom, which he felt in his own life.

In the 1980s, Gupta produced a series of color photographs, Exiles, showing anonymous gay men in Delhi.  At the time, the Delhi gay community had to remain hidden for fear of imprisonment. After 35 years away, Gupta returned to his hometown for the more outspoken series Mr. Malhotra’s Party.

Read the full article on the French version of L’Oeil.

Sunil Gupta : Out and About: New York and New Delhi
Through December 20th 2014
547 West 27th Street, #608
New York, NY 10001
United States

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Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is an Indian-born photographer, born in 1953 in New Delhi, he lives and works in London.

Sunil Gupta, Censorship in New Delhi

The Sunil Gupta exhibition Sun City and Other Stories opened on March 23 at the Alliance Française in New Delhi. It was closed by police the next day. The scheduled April 3 reopening has yet to take place.

Sunil Gupta & Charan Singh, Delhi: Communities of Belonging

The 17 individuals featured in Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh’s book, Delhi: Communities of Belonging are young and old, single and married, affluent and working class, and representative of diverse gender and sexual identities.

Sun City – Sunil Gupta

Centre Pompidou Place Georges Pompidou 75004 Paris

Sunil Gupta –Sun City

Sunil Gupta approaches a still delicate subject in India: homosexuality. Only in 2009 did the Court of Justice decriminalize a colonial act that stated that homosexuality and the “non natural sex” were criminal acts punishable with 10 years of imprisonment.