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Guy Tillim Wins HCB 2017 Prize Sponsored by Hermès

South African photographer Guy Tillim was appointed  winner of the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson ...

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Guy Tillim, Union Avenue, Harare, 2016 © Guy Tillim, and Stevenson Gallery
Guy Tillim, Union Avenue, Harare, 2016 © Guy Tillim, and Stevenson Gallery

Following in the footsteps of Allen Ginsberg and his “Snapshot Poetics”, McGinley turned his lens on the bodies and pastimes of his Lower East Side milieu, adding another generation to the History of Photography. This work, from the first years of this century, has given way to Ryan’s subjects running through and falling out of otherworldly utopian landscapes, caverns, forests and deserts; worlds away from the Chinatown tenements he still calls home.Jack Woody, Twin Palms Publisher

Ryan McGinley (b. 1977) is a New York City based photographer. At 25, he was the youngest artist to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. One of the hottest photographers of his generation, McGinley lived up to the buildup, making a splash with an energetic, timely, and personal collection of images in his first retrospective monograph, You and I, published by Twin Palms in 2011.

You and I pieces together a careful ten-year overview of McGinley’s work, resulting in a portrait of a generation. Taking us along on his youthful road trip across America, he incorporates the American landscape with nude figures of friends and acquaintances, perpetually falling from buildings, down waterfalls, out of trees, and over cliffs. McGinley said, “In the beginning, all the stuff was documentary, but after a while, I got bored with waiting for things to happen—for someone to light a Christmas tree on fire or take their clothes off and make love.”

Twin Palms publisher, Jack Woody, worked on the compilation for over seven years. He told me (while suppressing a laugh), “Some books just take longer than others.” After viewing the sequencing of the book many times – it was well worth the wait. The images are skillfully edited by Ryan McGinley and Jack Woody and presented in a beautifully printed, clothbound, large format volume with essays by Vince Aletti and Sylvia Wolf, both in English and French.

You and I, the most comprehensive retrospective of Ryan McGinley’s work, has now been reprinted, although there are also a limited quantity of first edition, signed and numbered slipcased copies available.


You and I
Photographs byRyan McGinley

9 x 12 inches
90 four-color plates
196 pages
Second edition $85,
First edition: slipcase $300

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Ryan McGinley

Born on 17 October 1977 in Ramsey, NJ. Lives and works in New York, NY.

Ryan McGinley: Life Adjustment Center

Ratio 31447 Stevenson Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

Ryan McGinley by Elizabeth Avedon

“I want the viewer to be reminded of a place they’ve been, or of an experience that they’ve had themselves; then they can come to their own conclusions. But it takes a lot of work to make successful photographs that also look very free, easy and spontaneous.&rdq...

Ryan McGinley: Animal Innocence

Obviously, provocation is a well-known art. In photography, abusing it can be risky, occasionally bordering on ridiculous. By associating the themes of human nudity and animal innocence in Animals, Ryan McGinley, the youngest photographer to have his personal works featured at th...

Ryan McGinley: Fan Stories

During the past four years, American photographer Ryan McGinley captured the faces of enthusiastic fans massed together during concerts and musical festivals. Today these portraits of Americans and Europeans are featured on three enormous fences. Keen observers, the photographer ...

Rizzoli: Ryan McGinley, The Monograph

American publisher Rizzoli just released the first major monograph about Ryan McGinley whose work has been recognized for the past ten years. Through his viewfinder, we rediscover the intimacy of his generation, photographed with brio. In 2000, Ryan McGinley turned 22. He organiz...

Trends: Ryan McGinley
Body Loud

The New York photographer Ryan McGinley has always struck a balance between good timing and careful staging. Not to take anything away from those who discovered him, like Sylvia Wolf, who gave McGinley a solo show at New York’s Whitney Museum in 2003, making the twenty-five...

New York: Ryan McGinley

Here we are again with Ryan McGinley, now 36, as he continues his exploration of the boundary between public and private. Since his early portraits and photographs shot in nature and consumerism-free spaces, the artist has changed. The candid magic seems to ha...

Ryan McGinley’s Retrospective Monograph

Elizabeth Avedon on wonder boy Ryan McGinley’s first retrospective monograph, You and I, published by Jack Woody's Twin Palms, adding another generation to the History of Photography.