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The new Eye of Photography is coming soon!

Dear readers,   We are very pleased to offer you very soon the new website of The Eye of Photograp...

Gösta Peterson, Subtile Fashion Photography, Has Died.

Swedish photographer Gösta Peterson passed away on Friday 30 July at the age of 94. He was a remark...

Christie’s To Sell 400 Photographs From MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art and the New York branch of Christie’s have announced the sale of 400 ...
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery

With the fifth exhibition of the Carte Blanche PMU opening at Le Bal in Paris with Léa Harboudin and Thibault Brunet’s Les immobiles (2014 edition), the PMU wanted to pay tribute to the Carte Blanche by exhibiting the photographs of past winners.

From January 14th to 25th on the ground floor of Le Bal, a selection of new work of four past winners: Malik Nejmi, Mohamed Bourouissa, Olivier Cablat and Kourtney Roy.

Today we’re taking a look back at the history of the PMU’s support for photography.

The Carte Blanche PMU/Le BAL started in 2010 with a 20,000€ prize, and Malik Nejmi paved the way with Turfisme, a documentary vision of the world of horse racing, followed by Mohamed Bouroissa’s RIP, which took a more conceptual approach to betting. In 2012, the Carte Blanche opened up the field by holding a call for submissions. Olivier Cablat was selected with Fouille, a highly visual work that added a new dimension to previous editions. Last year, the winner Kourtney Roy with her series of self-portraits taken in the world of games and betting with Ils pensent déjà que je suis folle.

Les 5 ans de la Carte blanche PMU
14 – 25 january, 2015
6, Impasse de la Défense
75018 Paris

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Kourtney Roy

Née en 1981 en Ontario (Canada) où elle a grandi, Kourtney Roy effectue des études de Beaux-Arts à Vancouver. A la frontière de l’art et de la mode, son travail montre les influences croisées ...

Olivier Cablat

Olivier Cablat is a French artist and documentary photographer, born in Marignane in 1978. He lives and works in Arles.

Malik Nejmi

French-Moroccan by origin (born in 1973 in France), Malik Nejmi analyzes simultaneously familial and collective stories. After a long trip in Benin in 1999, he developps what settles basically his work through the utmost variety of forms a...

Mohamed Bourouissa

Born in 1978 in Blida, Algeria. Lives and works in Paris.

Léa Habourdin

Léa Habourdin a grandi dans le nord de la France et a étudié l’estampe et le dessin à l’Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Industries Graphiques ESTIENNE à Paris puis la photographie &agrav...

Thibault Brunet

Thibault Brunet was born in 1982.

Vernissage Carte Blanche Le BAL / PMU
par Yan Morvan

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Le BAL / PMU en vidéo
par Molly Benn / Our age is 13

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Carte blanche PMU 2014: An Interview With Léa Habourdin and Thibault Brunet

For the fifth edition of the Carte Blanche PMU, two photographers, Léa Habourdin and Thibault Brunet, decided to spend two months immersed in the world of gambling in PMU betting offices and bars in the Pas-de-Calais region of France.

La Carte blanche PMU at Le BAL: Les Immobiles by Léa Habourdin and Thibault Brunet, and the 5th Anniversary of the Prize

Léa Haubourdin and Thibault Brunet’s Les Immobiles sounds like a proposition in the most generous sense of the term. First, through a desire to leave behind the overused paradigms of today, which could not exist outside of an iconography devoted to games and gam...

Call for Submissions: Carte Blanche PMU 2015, An Interview With Benoit Cornu

The call for submissions to the 2015 edition of the Carte Blanche PMU photography prize runs through March 3rd, 2015. The Carte Blanche, which supports the work of young photographers, has been co-organized with Le BAL in Paris since 2010. This year the PMU will join forces with ...

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Thierry Fontaine, winner of Carte blanche PMU 2015

The jury of the Carte Blanche PMU met on March 12 and named Thierry Fontaine the winner. His work, which will be shot in the coming months, will be exhibited at the Centre Pompidou Galerie des Photographies from October 7th to October 19th, and will be published by Éd...

Anna Malagrida, winner of 2016 Carte blanche PMU

The 2016 edition of the “Carte blanche PMU” has been awarded to the Spanish photographer, originally from Barcelona, Anna Malagrida. The jury met on 20th January to choose the seventh winner from a short list of 6 artists: Grégoire Eloy, Anna Malagrida, Olivier Menanteau, Au...

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Appel à candidature 2016 “Carte Blanche PMU”

Since 2010, PMU makes a commitment in favour of the contemporary photographic creation by giving carte blanche to a professional photographer to interpret the universe of the games and bets. Every year, an artist benefits from a 20 000-euro subsidy for the realization of an unpu...