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Stanley Greene, Paris, 1994 © Bernard Plossu
Stanley Greene, Paris, 1994 © Bernard Plossu
In the early 2000s, Saul Leiter came to the fore as one of the most accomplished and surprising colour photographers of the 20th century. Books were published, films made and exhibitions launched. While it was never a secret, few of those who are familiar with Leiter’s photography are aware that over the years he created, in his own unhurried way, a yet-to-be appreciated and equally formidable body of paintings and painted photographs. As the first ever publication dedicated to this largely unknown part of Leiter’s oeuvre, Painted Nudes offers a selection of more than 70 painted photographs – intimate, brilliantly coloured pieces that marry Leiter’s two artistic passions. Produced over the course of four decades, these fiercely expressive nudes are a testament to Leiter’s fluent sense of colour and composition, and showcase a great 20th century artist at his resplendent best.
Painted Nudes seeks not only to celebrate, but to illuminate this unique body of work by juxtaposing the painted nudes with a selection of quotes from works of literature. Taking its cue from Leiter’s own work, the book straddles the boundaries between genres, inviting readers to discover their connections and resonances. Lush, evocative and associative, Painted Nudes is as stimulating to the eye as it is for the mind. 


Painted Nudes
Photographs by Saul Leiter
Publisher: Sylph editions
160 pages
70 colour images
218 x 256
ISBN 978-1-90963106-9

Gallery edition
Also availbe in a deluxe
limited edition of 300,
numbered and slipcased

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Saul Leiter

Although Edward Steichen exhibited some of Saul Leiter’s color photographs at the Museum of Modern Art in 1953, for forty years afterwards they remained virtually unknown to the art world. Leiter moved to New York in 1946 intending to...

Chris Killip

Saul Leiter –Early Color

Although Edward Steichen exhibited some of Saul Leiter’s color photographs at the Museum of Modern Art in 1953, for forty years afterwards they remained virtually unknown to the art world. Saul Leiter: Early Color provides the first opportunity to see a comprehensive presentati...

Saul Leiter: –Here’s more, why not

This pocket-sized book of photographs, published by Fifty One Fine Art Photography to accompany its Saul Leiter exhibition (on display through July 13), is the perfect summer companion. Here’s more, Why not explores the American photographer’s vision of cities. The introducti...

In Memoriam
Death of Saul Leiter
1923 - 2013

The American photographer Saul Leiter died on November 26. He was 89 years old. Belatedly recognized as a pioneer of color photography, he began working in color in the 1950s, at a time when photographers swore by black-and-white. His efforts contributed to its eventual widesprea...

Saul Leiter
Early Black and White

The distinctive iconography of Saul Leiter’s early black and white photographs stems from his profound response to the dynamic street life of New York City in the late 1940s and 50s. While this technique borrowed aspects of the photodocumentary, Leiter’s imagery ...

Antwerp: Homage to Saul Leiter at Gallery FIFTY ONE

Gallery FIFTY ONE is presenting its homage exhibition showing the oeuvre of the late Saul Leiter (1923-2013), a long-term artist-friend of the gallery. This tribute will be conducted in both gallery spaces and will give a large overview of his tender, contemplative and abstr...

Saul Leiter : Photography & Drawings

Fifty One Fine Art PhotographyZirkstraat 202000 Antwerpen

Saul Leiter : photographies et peintures

Galerie Camera Obscura 268 boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris

Saul Leiter: A forgotten master

The rediscovery of Saul Leiterʼs work in recent years is clearly a major event in the history of photography. From being a fashion photographer known only to specialists, he has become a pioneer of «street photography» in color.

Saul Leiter at Camera Obscura Gallery

Painter and photographer, Saul Leiter enjoyed belated recognition. In his photography, there is painting, and in his paintings, there is photography. “Painting is glorious. I love photography, but I am not sure that photography can do what painting does.”Arrived too late ...