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Gösta Peterson, Subtile Fashion Photography, Has Died.

Swedish photographer Gösta Peterson passed away on Friday 30 July at the age of 94. He was a remark...

Christie’s To Sell 400 Photographs From MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art and the New York branch of Christie’s have announced the sale of 400 ...

Cindy Sherman Shares 600 Pictures on Instagram

American photographer Cindy Sherman has published more than 600 photographs taken from her works and...
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery

To mark the 30th International Festival of Fashion & Photography in Hyères, the photography jury, presided over this year by Eric Pfrunder, met in Paris on the 28th of January in order to choose the 10 candidates for the final competition (more than 700 entries received and 56 shortlisted).

The jury has chosen ten young photographers, of 9 different nationalities:
Jeannie Abert, France
Sushant Chhabria, India
Evangelia Kranioti, Greece
Sjoerd Knibbeler, Netherlands
Wawrzyniec Kolbusz, Poland
David Magnusson, Sweden
Filippo Patrese, Italy
Thomas Rousset, France
Polly Tootal, United Kingdom
Oezden Yorulmaz, Germany

30th International Festival of Fashion & Photography in Hyères
From 23rd to 27th April, 2015
Exhibition from 27th April 25th May 2015
Villa Noailles
Montée Noailles
83400 Hyères

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Hyères 2012 – Festival Mode et Photographie

The 27th edition of The International Fashion and Photography Festival opened in Hyères on April 27. Curated by Michel Mallard and Raphaëlle Stopin, the Festival is presenting works by 10 photographers competing for the Photography Grand Prize, and boasts several exhibitions on...

Hyères 2012 – Grand Prix : Jessica Eaton

“The series Cubes for Albers and LeWitt explores the possibilities of manipulating time, space, perception and, in particular, the additive system of colour. The images from this series are constructed onto single sheets of 4×5 film. The subject in reality is monochromatic. Th...

Hyères 2012 – Prix LVMH : Florian van Roekel

“My work revolves about the way we experience everyday life and how that affects the way we deal with each other. My images are documents, taken from a candid reality. But what they really seem to document is the way our perception of the world around has been coloured by years...

Hyères 2012 – Dotation : Namsa Leuba

“I am an African-European, born in Switzerland and my project was accomplished on a trip to Guinea Conakry. In this work I was interested in the construction and deconstruction of the body, as well as the depiction of the invisible. I have studied ritual artifacts common to the...

Hyères 2012 – Olga Cafiero

“At the heart of a Renaissance cabinet of curiosities is the collector himself, who collects in an encyclopaedic manner, and according to his own criteria, heterogeneous objects that he later organises according to his tastes, interests and passions. This is a subjective proces...

Hyères 2012 – Richard Kolker

“My project explores escapism and how we engage with the immersive virtual reality of the online video game. The images are constructed using a combination of traditional photography and the 3D modelling techniques of the video game industry. But instead of portraying the escap...

Hyères 2012 – Hanna Putz

“I enjoy it when pictures feel as if one has left the people undisturbed. My work is concerned with a consciously created “casualness” that strips away the spectacular, the noisy, and superlatives. When I started working with photography, I mainly photographed models, since...

Hyères 2012 – Akira Somekawa

“ ‘Houescape’ is a portmanteau word combining ‘house’ and ‘escape’. I got this idea for the project when I was cutting up film one day for another project. I often go to an old part of town or to the countryside and walk around, as it reminds me of how people lived ...

Hyères 2012 – Brea Souders

“As an American with typically mixed bloodlines, I started this project to explore the many places in Europe where I have ancestry and their influence on me as an artist and a person. I created the very first photograph in this series, titled Sunburn in Naples, in Italy, in May...

Hyères 2012 – Yasuyuki Takagi

“I am presenting here two different series. One is about an ancient forest I visited earlier this year in the southern island of Japan to witness with my bare eyes a living tree that may be 7,000 years old. During my quest I was struck by the beauty and power of the forest. The...

Hyères 2012 – Manuel Vazquez

“In a society full of prying eyes like ours, everyone can become both spectator and actor in the quotidian spectacle. With CCTV cameras scattered in every public space our dwelling leaves traces behind, stored as visual codes. Choreographed crowds transit the nameless global ci...

Hyères 2012 – Exhibitions

Until May 26, the Villa Noailles will be presenting two exhibitions : the first on Yohji Yamamoto and the second showing a selection of works by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, as well as a series of pictures by Jason Evans, installations by Lynsey Peisinger & The Stimuley...

Hyères : Festival of Fashion and Photography

Last weekend, fashion designers and photographers met in Hyères, for the 28th edition of the International festival of Fashion and Photography. Ten photographers were selected. We decided to introduce. Among them, Petros Efstathiadis has been awarded The Jury Grand Prize of Pho...

Hyères 2013 –Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer

Models serve the purpose of rendering visible established facts and knowledge for the purpose of transmission. This acquisition of ‚reality‘ by means of conserving, measuring, copying, and reproducing as well as questioning the relationship between fact and fiction, model and...

Hyères 2013 –Emile Barret

Triple Body is a study of the body for the curious, a proposal for multiple realities surrounding the topic of the human body (or the art to not choose). The starting point is the fact that the body is the foundation of our perception of the world. It's the prism through which we...

Hyères 2013 –Petros Efstathiadis

In Liparo & Bombs, Efstathiadis explores the modern paranoia that exists within society. There is an underlying frustration experienced by young people in relation to the expectations and misplaced values of roles in society. Efstathiadis explains that there was a time when the r...

Hyères 2013 –Dominic Hawgood

Speaking in tongues is a biblical phenomenon in which a person utters incomprehensible speech-like syllables, considered by some to be part of a sacred language. During an artist residency in Texas Hawgood searched for people who had this ability, through an advert in a local ne...

Hyères 2013 –Grace Kim

My work contemplates memory, time and consciousness, and themes of existence—what it means to be human and how we construct our personal truths and realities. Working with digital photography and video, I contextualize still and time-based elements into symbolic conditions that...

Hyères 2013 –John Mann

This new project considers the intense light seen by the very first arctic explorers. By using the photographic still life to visualize the sense of foreign light, the black and white images provide abstractions of the light and minimalist landscape foreign to human eyes. Images ...

Hyères 2013 –Eva Stenram

Drape uses vintage pin-up photographs as its source material. I sought out images, mainly from the 1960s, in which women posed in (semi) domestic sets in front of curtains or drapes. Manipulating these, I extended the curtains to partially obscure the women, re-enforcing the for...

Hyères 2013 –Peter Puklus

Dreamlike symbols, mock-ups, installations, ready-mades ; with Handbook to the Stars, Peter Puklus builds a photo-documentation of a sculpture experiment, resembling the form and light exercises of the 20s avant-garde. Handbook to the Stars is an attempt to visualize the infinite...

Hyères : Love it, Can’t Wait for 2017 !
Diary of Virginie Bled

The 31st International Festival of Fashion and Photography took place in Hyères from 21st to 25th April 2016. The Parisian photographer and fashion designer Virginie Bled was present at the Villa Noailles to shoot pictures of the event. The exhibitions displayed at the villa are...

Festival in Hyères –A feminine touch

The results of the 2011 International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères must be written in plural, and with a feminine touch. The jury gathered on Sunday May 1st and the Photographic Prize was awarded to the young Dutch Anouk Kruithof for her work titled The Daily Exhau...

Hyères –Photography Prizes 2011

This year, more than 750 portfolios have been received to take part in the Prize of Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. After an initial shortlist, 70 portfolios were submitted to the jury of professionals composed of Magdalene Keaney (curator at London’s...

Hyères –Fashion & Photography

On April 29th the 26th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography will open. Fashion shows, exhibitions and meetings with stylists and photographers are on the program for this 2011 edition. Directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc, the festival will gather over ten fa...