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Call for applications : Prix Bayeux-Calvados 2017

The Prix Bayeux-Calvados for war correspondents 2017 is calling for your works. Applications are op...

Third Edition of Photo se Livre Begins in Aix-en-Provence

From May 30 to June 17, the Fontaine Obscure gallery in Aix-en-Provence hosts Photo se Livre, conc...

Mathias Depardon Interrupts His Hunger Strike

The French photo-journalist Mathias Depardon, arrested on 8 May in a report for National Geographic,...
Annie Leibovitz, Photos tirées de la série Driving © Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz, Photos tirées de la série Driving © Annie Leibovitz

A sharp look on a cracked up society.

If the expression « to be driving » often means that we are “master on board”, having control on our lives, I show here that it’s not always the case. As in the backyard of a mansion or the backstage of a theater, I propose through this series a point of view on what escapes most of the time from our eyes. Who has not dreamed of being invisible, to be able to see forbidden scenes?

Car’s cockpits are the set I use to depict our deepest states. Stopping time in this private space, “Insides” reveals us as behind closed doors, the intimacy of drivers and their possible passengers, whether it is nice, absurd or horrible. New, second-hand, rented or stolen, the car- as a mirror-carries us as the body is the vehicle of our souls.

This systematic artwork delivers us the human being in all its states.

Fasten your seatbelts and safe journey… (Audrey Pasquet)

Text kindly translated from French to English by Jessy Dessaix

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Pierre Leblanc
Pierre Leblanc
Fantasmes autour d'un banc

This was our editors’ pick of the week. The fantastic, maniac creativity of Pierre Leblanc’s series Le Banc (The Bench) was particularly impressive.

Montreuil : The Existential Prisons of Pierre Leblanc

Le 116, a contemporary art center based in Montreuil, welcomes Belgian photographer Pierre Leblanc’s exhibition Discriminations. This series portrays individuals in cells which incarnate the twenty discriminations* prohibited by law, ranging from sexual orientation, health, ev...