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Ren Hang, Chinese erotic photographer, commits suicide

Le photographe chinois Ren Hang, né en 1987, s’est suicidé ce 24 février 2017.

Conversation with the owners of the Lumière des Roses’ gallery

Since 2004, Marion and Philippe Jacquier exhibit and sell "icons of anonymous photography" in their ...

Book Signing with Manfred Heiting on Saturday, Feb 25th in LA

Photographer Manfred Heiting will be signing his new book entitled The Soviet Photobook this Saturd...
© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)
© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)

The gallery presents a selection of photographs by Juliette Mogenet based on the mise en scène as a subject of aesthetic study. Close to a simulacrum, mise en scène consists of building an image rather than suddenly capturing it. However, a mise en scène is not always a question of simulacra; it can be visible and become part of the image.
Various series by Mogenet’s enhance volumes and real or fictional spaces. These photographs transcribe a sense of atmosphere though detail via a structuration of space, texture, and color.

Paris Photo Los Angeles
May 1st – 3rd, 2015
Galerie de Roussan
Paramount Pictures Studios

Los Angeles
780 N. Gower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90038
United States

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Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015
Solo shows

At 7:00 PM Pacific Time, the third edition of Paris Photo Los Angeles opened in Paramount Studios. Seventy-nine galleries from nineteen countries were on hand. We'll be covering the festival today and tomorrow.

Opening of Photo L.A.: Why You Don’t Want to Miss It

What I love about shows like Photo L.A. is that they function as anti-museums, places where hi-art and street art vie for your attention without the intervention of a curated point of view. Of course there are many curators involved but each is working independently. The results ...