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Head On Photo Festival : The Australians – My Pick
An Urban Dialogue – Anthony Ginns, Markus Andersen and Albion Harrison-Naish

Sydney photographers Anthony Ginns, Markus Andersen and Albion Harrison-Naish present a series of images that reflect the urban experience using black and white photography to tell the harbour city’s stories from three different perspectives.

Street and documentary photographer Andersen, who works with film and digital, says, “When shooting documentary or street images, I work somewhat instinctively, photographing elements of light, shadow and subject dancing together in unity within the frame”.

Australian radio host, Albion Harrison-Naish discovered the joy of street photography through his smartphone. With a penchant for black and white, which he says “allows the imagination of both the photographer and the viewer to take over,” Harrison-Naish has used his city of Sydney as a canvas capturing what he calls “a representation of life as it currently is”.

Anthony Ginns is also a fan of black and white photography. Ginns, who says he’s transitioning “from a career in graphic design to photography/iphoneography” is experimenting with form, light and shadows.

These images are examples of fine art meeting street photography and present a stylized view of these photographers home town.

An Urban Dialogue – Anthony Ginns, Markus Andersen and Albion Harrison-Naish
2 May – 8 June, 2015
Museum of Sydney
Cnr. Phillip and Bridge Streets

Head On Featured Exhibition

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Markus Andersen

Dividing his time between his professional and personal work, Markus's art practice encompasses documentary and conceptual bodies of work using both digital and 35mm,120 film as capture mediums.Markus is based in Sydney, Australia...

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