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Record Auctions for Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer #84, 2004 © Wolfgang Tillmans & Phillips The 48-year-old Germa...

Bastille Day Exhibition at &co119 Gallery

Johan van der Keuken, 14 juillet 1958 © Johan van der Keuken / Galerie &co119  

Focus Iran, broadcasted tonight on ARTE

While Iran is at the time of the Rencontres photographiques d’Arles 2017 with the exhibition I...
Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone
Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone

Head On Photo Festival : The Australians – My Pick
Emmanuel Angelicas – Silent Agreements Marrickville 45

From the time he was given a plastic Diana camera at the age of seven  Emmanuel Angelicas has taken photographs. That was in 1970. Since then he’s used his suburb of Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner-west, as his canvas. For 45 years he’s documented his family, neighbours and strangers, capturing images of Marrickville, its humanity and its dark secrets, without censorship.

“Marrickville is my home. I love it here,” says Emmanuel. “Every time I go out with my camera in Marrickville I return with compelling outcomes. It is a real place with real people. Photography has this power to render things sometimes so real that they seem unreal.”

Angelicas has exhibited around the world and his oeuvre includes works shot in Asia and Japan as well as Australia. Last year Paris-based publisher Editions Bessard released Zine Collection No.14 ‘Nippon’ a series of black and white photographs taken by Angelicas in Japan.

Emmanuel Angelicas
Silent Agreements Marrickville 45

1-17 May, 2015
aMBUSH Gallery
Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway

Head On Featured Exhibition

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Emmanuel Angelicas
Head On Photo, Sydney 2015 : Director Moshe Rosenzveig talks to Alison Stieven-Taylor

2015 marks the 6th outing of Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival, which is Australia’s largest photographic event. This year Moshe Rosenzveig, the festival’s director, has programmed an eclectic group of exhibitions designed to attract those who are professionals as...