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Discussion on Humanist Photography at Voz’Gallery (Paris)

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Head On Photo Festival : The Australians – My Pick
Nocturnes in a Lapse – Filippo Rivetti

Italian-born photographer Filippo Rivetti, who now resides in Sydney, is a master of motion controlled time lapse and hyper lapse photography. In his exhibition Nocturnes in a Lapse, Rivetti uses these platforms to record the night’s sky creating a series of surreal landscapes that pit an active and enveloping sky against a static earth.

In Rivetti’s images the stars become swirling patterns of light in the earth’s orbit, the moon looms large against a black sky, the humans silhouetted against its glow mere shadows and the Northern Lights dance across landscapes that appear otherworldly.

Rivetti, who trained as an engineer, applies his technical skills with a love for landscape photography to dramatic effect.

Nocturnes in a Lapse
Filippo Rivetti

Customs House
Ground Floor & Level 1
31 Alfred St
Circular Quay,

Head On Featured Exhibition

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Head On Photo, Sydney 2015 : Director Moshe Rosenzveig talks to Alison Stieven-Taylor

2015 marks the 6th outing of Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival, which is Australia’s largest photographic event. This year Moshe Rosenzveig, the festival’s director, has programmed an eclectic group of exhibitions designed to attract those who are professionals as...