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World Press Photo settles in Barcelona

Starting tomorrow over a month, World Press Photo will present its 2017 winners at the Centre de Cu...

First Luxembourg Street Photography Festival Launches

This Friday, the Luxembourg Street Phootgraphy Festival will launch its very-first edition in Roton...

Discussion on Humanist Photography at Voz’Gallery (Paris)

As part of Pierret Jamet’s ‘Y’a d’la joie‘ (There is joy) exhibition, ...

We think of time as linear; hours to days, weeks to months, years, centuries that become millennia. But in Fractured Phantoms, time becomes a collapsed 100 year-old spiral staircase. Time conflates into image moments, sensory impressions from past experiences that have healed
into permanent memories of family, some loved ones, some perhaps not-so-loved ones. So these are constructs of things-past, seen today like reflections in curved mirrors. They are not real so they can become even more real;
Baudrillard simulacra.


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Eric L Hansen