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Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery

Max de Esteban’s Heads Will Roll opens at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York on September 12 and remains on view until October 30, 2015.

Max de Esteban (born in 1959) is a fine art photographer who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. De Esteban’s overall photographic practice explores socio-political concepts within visual structures of serialization and repetition.

His apocalyptic photo-combines in Heads Will Roll critique and reflect upon the state of our world and the role photography plays in how we receive, see, and process information in the digital age.

To construct his works in Heads Will Roll de Esteban mines a mass media that spews out an incessant stream of imagery of war, violence, and disasters transmitted 24/7 into our homes, offices, and public spaces. De Esteban merges and juxtaposes pictures, texts and found objects into dark-colored plates to produce photomontages that present a cacophony of information that is at once dense yet visually legible. These provocative, captivatingly beautiful visual constructions reveal a world where violence, imagined or real, is always looming, and the viewer is left almost totally out of balance in a state of anxiety and unease.

Heads Will Roll is the fourth and final installment in de Esteban’s challenging and provocative Propositions series that represents a long-term rigorous investigation of today’s embracement of technologies and in particular the dawn of the bio-cybernetic era. Bio-cybernetics break with the last frontier to resistance of a technological world by incorporating the machine into the body and the mind and thus changing forever the relationship between nature and culture. Proposition is a visual exploration of its implications in art, knowledge transmission, technology and society.

De Esteban will give a talk about his work in Heads Will Roll at the School of Visuals Arts in New York on September 15.

Heads Will Roll by Max de Esteban
September 12 – October 30, 2015
89 Water Street
Klompching Gallery
Brooklyn, NY 11201