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Jean-Paul Goude donates 100 works to Centre Pompidou

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Athens Photo Festival calls for entries

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Jean Loup Sieff - Commande pour le créateur Jean-Marc Sinan, Janvier 1987 © Jean Loup Sieff et Gros & Delletrez
Jean Loup Sieff - Commande pour le créateur Jean-Marc Sinan, Janvier 1987 © Jean Loup Sieff et Gros & Delletrez

The “Marvelous City”, as Rio de Janeiro is affectionately called, finds itself in the world’s gaze like never before as host of the 2016 Olympic Games. While preparations for the games press ahead, there are many inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro that risk being overlooked: Tens of thousands of people who have historically called Rio’s favelas home.

Marc Ohrem-Leclef‘s project Olympic Favela visualizes the effects of forced removal of residents in 14 of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.

It consists of two types of photographic portraiture: The first consists of  portraits of the residents in situ, photographed in front of their homes, which have been designated for removal by SMH with spray-painted code numbers.  In the second type the residents are asked to pose with flaming emergency torches in their communities. In these photographs the residents are no longer passive subjects, but rather active figures embracing the opportunity to represent their community, their struggle, and their resistance.

The final chapter of the project, now in it’s fourth year, takes the form of moving portrait of the residents, their communities and their own environment. The video will premiere as part of the exhibition.

Olympic Favela
Marc Ohrem-Leclef
From January 21st to February 28th, 2016
Studio X Gallery
Praça Tiradentes, 48
Centro – Rio de Janeiro
CEP 20060-070 – Brasil
Hours: Monday to Saturday 12h – 19h 
The Olympic Favela book :

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Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Marc Ohrem-Leclef was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. After studying Communication Design at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany he relocated to New York City in 1998. Ohrem-Leclef's visual arts practice centers on im...

Marc Ohrem-Leclef
Olympic Favela

As the World Cup approaches in Brazil, Damiani has published Olympic Favela by German photographer Marc Ohrem-Leclef. This series of photographs documents the citizens of disadvantaged communities  of Rio de Janeiro—the “favelas”—whose ...

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