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PixDay 2017 will open next Thursday !

The PixDay 2017 show opens next Thursday in Paris. held at the Forum de Grenelle, in the fifteenth P...

Sylvie Meunier & Patrick Tourneboeuf launch American Dream

Sylvie Meunier and Patrick Tourneboeuf will present tomorrow Tuesday 28 March their new book Ameri...

Philip Trager et Ken Schles book signing at Rizzoli

Tomorrow Tuesday, March 28, photographes Philip Trager and Ken Schles will be at the Rizzoli booksto...
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sur les bords de la Marne, 1938 © Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson & Phillips
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sur les bords de la Marne, 1938 © Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson & Phillips

Tim Soter just self-published a book about Duane Michals, titled “TIM! GO AWAY!” .

“TIM! GO AWAY!” is a project exploring my obsession with photographer/artist Duane Michals. The book contains my letters written to Michals, samples of his handwriting and detailed stories relating this infatuation, plus photographs shot during his workshop, his gallery openings, plus photos of my collection of his thirty three individual book titles.  This book is full of funny stories recounting my methods of stalking one’s hero into a real friendship.  Ultimately the book becomes a self-portrait and a way to explore the connection that some artists have with the mentors in their field, whether they meet them in real life or not.

– Tim Soter

A book about Duane Michals now for sale !
Do you like the work of Duane Michals?  Here’s a book for you!
140 pgs. Hardcover first edition of 50.
Each book is unique containing a tipped-in page removed from a copy of Duane Michals, Pantheon Books, 1986, personally embossed.

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Duane Michals

Duane Michals est un photographer américain né en 1932 en Pennsylvanie.

Tim Soter

Tim Soter is known for his active search for interesting environments as well as his photographic sense of humor. He was raised in a log cabin, studied photography in Pennsylvania and in 1994 moved to Brooklyn, NY. He immediately began ...

Duane Michals : The Unknown Portraits

Duane Michals’s poetic body of work, celebrated for its existential series, is filled with portraits shot both on commission and as part of his personal exploration of the genre. However, they represent only a small part of his oeuvre, appearing here and there in books and ...

Art Kane by Duane Michals

When I first came to New York as a country bumpkin Art Kane was the enfant terrible art director and later the wunderkind commercial photographer of his generation.  The Art Director’s Club had announced a demonstration by leading graphic designers at one of their even...

Duane Michals : Storyteller, Books

The catalogue for the Duane Michals retrospective, edited by Prestel, traces the photographer’s career with more  pictures than ever. In addition to his most famous series are lesser known ones, like Death Comes to the Old Lady, Margaret Finds a Box, Objects of Couture...

Duane Michals : Living in the Marvelous

This week, American photographer opens Duane Michals : Storyteller, his major retrospective at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. On this occasion, we are republishing his portrait that last year made the cover story in issue number 4 of Camera magazine.

Duane Michals

Duane Michals
Empty New York

The poet and photographer Duane Michals is well known for his sequences, series of captioned photographs influenced by surrealism and storytelling. Before revolutionizing photography in the 1960s with this approach, Michals had taken a more classical approach to image, with works...

Duane Michals, Arthur Tress et Juliette Bates: la Manipulation

The Galerie Esther Woerdehoff brings together in an exhibitions the works of Duane Michals, Arthur Tress and Juliette Bates. Two historic figures of American photography and a newcomer, united by their wishe of the reality’s manipulation.

Duane Michals: Living in the marvelous

Through December 3rd, Jackson Fine Art, in Atlanta, presents an exhibition by American photographer Duane Michals entitled The Narrative Photograph. Portrait of a lover of stories and dreams.