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Richard Mosse Arrested in Greece

Irish photographer Richard Mosse, recently winner of the Pictet 2017 prize for his Heat Maps series ...

Charleroi’s Museum of Photography Celebrates 30 Years

Created in 1987, the Museum of Photography in Charleroi celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this ye...

Martin Parr in Person at Metrograph New York

British photographer Martin Parr, a member of the Magnum Photos agency, will be in conversation with...
Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

At the time of the transition to digital photography, the Canadian photographer Michel Campeau initiates “The Dark Room” series in honor of photographic laboratories. “Untitled No. 0154″, photograph acquired in 2010, is a portrait of an enlarger head. The inscription “La Vie est Ailleurs” (Life is Elsewhere) is the poetic trace left by users of these chambers vowed to disappear.

This work is registered in the inventory of the National Collection of Contemporary Art, that the CNAP has, as its mission, to enrich, preserve and disseminate.

Thanks to Pascal Beausse, head of the photographic collections, and to the teams of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques who have allowed this project to be carried out.Coordination: Communications and Information at CNAP

Translation: L’Œil de la Photographie.

Each week you can find the presentation of a piece from the photographic collection of CNAP and L’Oeil de la Photographie. Available in French and in English

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Michel Campeau

Depuis plus de trente ans, Michel Campeau explore les dimensions subjectives, narratives et ontologiques de la photographie. Depuis 2005, face au tournant de la photographie vers le numérique, il investit les chambres noires d'ici et...

In the Collection of the Cnap : Robert Adams

Pascal Beausse, Head of the Photographic Collection, presents Santa Ana Wash by Robert Adams, a work acquired by CNAP in 1989. Made in 1982 in San Bernardino county, close to a military base, the image is an example in itself of the ecological preoccupations of the photographer....

In the Collection of Cnap : Claire Chevrier

Stand de tir of the photographer Claire Chevrier belongs to a serie of photographies that the artist realized in the 90s.

In the collection of Cnap : Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

The serie « The Great Unreal » is a work realised by the two swisses photographers Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs. Five of those photographs belong to the Cnap.

In the Collection of Cnap : Dove Allouche

Dove Allouche is born in 1972, he lives and work in Paris. Photographer, engraver and draftsman, he is strongly influenced by the notions of time and space and experienced different reproductions. His works exhibited have been recently shown at the Palais de Tokyo and at the Cent...

In the collection of ...
In the Collection of Cnap : Andres Serrano

Andres Serrano was born in 1950 in New York. He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and presented his first exhibition in 1985. His photographic series deal with the question of the body, address social issues, and tackle the topics of sex, gender, and religion. A vast ...

In the Collection of Cnap : Allan Sekula

Allan Sekula observed a crowd of workers leaving a factory. 25 frames successive in the slide carousel. This engine projection recalls in particular an assembly line. This engine projection is reminiscent of an assembly chain of factory.

In the Collection of Cnap : Philippe Durand

In this series of photographs entitled Doigts, Pollution, Philippe Durand examines the surface of windows in the streets of Brussels: not much, but there’s a lot to see. We can read words, names, surnames or insults, traced by finger in the dust deposited by pollution.

In the Collection of Cnap : Francis Morandini

Francis Morandini’s Chevaux is a photograph taken in a vast suburb of Lyon, in a space defined by urban planners as “rurban,” or an area between the rural and the urban, which the artist explores with the eyes of a poet.

In the Collection of Cnap : Jim Goldberg

Pascal Beausse, head curator, presents Demba’s Map by artist Jim Goldberg. This work, acquired by the Cnap in 2012, is a set of Polaroids turned over so we see the back, where various notes, places and dates are scrawled, tracing a path, a journey and telling a story. This wor...

In the Collection of Cnap : Lynne Cohen

“Model Living Room” by Lynne Cohen is a post-modern work. It depicts an everyday scene, a reproduction of intimate comfort. However, the photograph’s construction turns this apparent reality into an absurd or indeed comic moment.

In the collection of the CNAP : Claire Chevrier

Claire Chevrier was born in 1963. The artist approaches spaces with a 24x36 format, without a tripod. While showing in her photographic work the sedimentation of history in landscape, the stigma left by the industrial civilization in the countryside, she questions the place of ma...

In the collection of the CNAP : Gilles Saussier

Gilles Saussier was born in 1965 in Suresnes, in France. He was initially a photojournalist then he turned his back on this work at the end of the 1990s. Since then Gilles Saussier’s projects have intertwined the genres of documentary photography and conceptual art.

In the collection of the CNAP : Joachim Koester

Joachim Koester’s Some Boarded Up Houses (2009–2011) is a series of nine black-and-white photographs, five of which were acquired by the CNAP in 2014. In this series, the artist adopts the visual vocabulary of the documentary style in photography, which allows him to deploy a...

In the Collection of the Cnap : Viviane Sassen

Weru Weru and Kine is a diptych from the immense series “Parasomnia”, a dreamlike exploration of Africa. “Parasomnia” was the subject if a publication in 2011. These two images are not fashion photographs, but they make full use of that in terms of staging, style, choic...