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For almost forty-five years, over time, I have been observing, a photographic approach of patience, research and essentially selective in my various reports. This work began in 1971.

With this in mind, I realized a little more than a hundred images. Certainly, you can imagine, it is a very long process but I pursue it.

My photographs are the result of a very short lived moment, but the decisive trigger was preceded by many observations, even expectations, surprises and even unexpected attitudes from the actors of a moment.

These unique moments were first captured on black and white film as in this selection, then during technological evolutions on color film, in slides and now in digital.

The photographs I have chosen here have been captured only in black and white film, they reflect different instants of similarity, but also differences in what we call a snapshot.

Jacques Revon


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Mayence: Jacques Revon, Photographic Grains of Silver, My 1970s

We are celebrating the 190th anniversary of the invention of photography in Bourgogne. The first photographic image was made in 1826 in Saint-Loup-de-Varenne near Chalon sur Saône, in Bourgogne, in the department of Saône and Loire, by Nicéphore Niépce. Born in La Clayette, J...

Jacques Revon : A history of photography from film to digital, photographers… photographed

The book is titled: “A history of photography from film to digital, photographers… photographed”. It is published by L’Harmattan. It is signed by Jacques Revon.

Jacques Revon: Memories of Arles

The photographer Jacques Revon wanted to share these photographs he took during the Rencontres d’Arles in the 1980s.“I took these while working as a photographer for Ilford. Before becoming a television journalist and reporter, I worked as a photographer for 15 years....

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Jacques Revon
Le cœur au fond des yeux

The last miners of the Loire, before the closure of the coal mines in France, a work entitled "Le cœur au fond des yeux". I shot with a Leica M2 and a 35mm lens. I used only one film, a black and white film Ilford HP5 36 views, and was unable to recharge it.