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Portrait of Stanley Greene, Paris, 1994 © Bernard Plossu
Portrait of Stanley Greene, Paris, 1994 © Bernard Plossu

Anna Bambou tells a news item story. One night, a woman disappears from her village and the anecdote sticks in the villagers’ minds. During a short stay there, they told us about her and we decided to investigate. The non consistency of their testimonies, all about that same person was very intriguing. That is when we decided to work on her story by blending facts to our imagination. We asked  anyone who knew her to tell us about her. Little by little, story after story, we uncovered an individual with as many faces as the people who could remember her. Our work is based on memory, how fragile it can be and how descriptions and events can transform themselves through the spectrum of feelings. This is how Anna Bambou was born. From each testimony, we created a new series of images – each drawing a new vision of that woman and thus each writing the History of a Woman.

Sabrina et Marianne / Anna Bambou

Anna Bambou, I’ll be your mirror
February 10 to 26, 2017
Rencontres photographiques de Cassis
Salles Voûtées
Cours d’honneur de la Mairie de Cassis
Place Baragnon
13260 CASSIS

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Anna Bambou

Anna Bambou is a character born from an encounter between Sabrina, photographer and director and Marianne, director and project designer.

Anna Bambou, White nights

The white nights are the days without end and the nights without rest. They are the hours of wandering as we pace up and down through our memories. Here we enter Anna Bambou’s white nights. Since we started asking everyone who knew her to tell us about her, she left without lea...