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SanFrancisco,1978 © Stanley Greene, Courtesy Polka Galerie
SanFrancisco,1978 © Stanley Greene, Courtesy Polka Galerie

Among the artistic systems that push back the invisible boundaries of thoughts, here is one where one can find  the sources of meaning that is most the profound and revolutionary of our times. This realist meta-art, at the crossroads of photography, technology and painting, delivers a new, overpowering experience of reality to our sixth sense, where the whole universe, born in the clear shadow of a woman’s hand, starts to expand irreversibly before our eyes.

One theme dominates the imagination of Patrick Le Hec’h: that of creation. Creation of the first spark of reality. Creation of the world. We are invited to this wonderful story by this gracious artist, a giver of love and knowledge, this happens before the birth of the physical universe. Before the Big Bang. At this unimaginable time, where energy didn’t yet exist, the primordial information reigned in silence, radiation of the crystallised sense in the spherical topology. It’s in following the luminous thread of his intuition that Patrick Le Hec’h invites us to contemplate the fabulous conjecture formulated by the mathematician Poincaré more than a hundred years ago: the basic form in three-dimensional space with the simple, closed roundness of a sphere. Equipped with its unvarying topological charge, it concentrates the secret of being above the received, idealised, feminine image. The creative, transcendent force, that which ignites the equations, is therefore the platonic silhouette of a woman.

Billions of years later, we are thus faced with a new way of thinking, a mirror of the dawn of time. In focussing on the works of Patrick Le Hec’h, you contemplate the crossing of radiant flashes of lightning and the suns of meditative shadows. What appear then is a radically different art, carried very high by metaphysics and poetry. The informed computer image becomes the narrative centre and symbol of the primary originality. The origin of the secret of life. In the meta-realism’s technomantic wake, the e-magist movement was born. Patrick Le Hec’h, foremost creator e-mages, writes its manifesto in letters of light

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff are French essayists and television presenters and producers, enthusiasts for the popularisation of science and science fiction.

Patrick Le Hec’h, Women’s light
Du 11 mars au 25 avril 2017
Concorde Art Gallery
179 Boulevard Lefebvre
75015 Paris