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Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery
Steve Schapiro, Martin Luther King Jr. (with Flag), Selma March, 1965 © Steve Schapiro & Fahey/Klein Gallery

Four members of the Association FemmesPHOTOgraphes – Isabelle Gressier, Kim lan Nguyên Thi, Maud Veith and Noémi Aubry – having just established a magazine with the same name, are presenting an exhibition at the Œil du Huit gallery from April 8th to the 23rd  . A foretaste of the images can be found in the magazine. The opening, on April 19th , will introduce the association and the magazine whose first edition came out in March and whose editorial follows here.

This magazine represents the visual news of the Association FemmesPHOTOgraphes. Starting from the observation that the representation of women artists remains too limited and that this representation is the same as that reserved for them in society in general, our association began in 2016 with the goal of offering an alternative to the lack of visibility of the photography practiced by women.

Our structure, based on the pooling of resources dedicated to the distribution of contemporary photography, has as its goal facilitating the representation of photographic works produced by women. The means of distribution influences the production/creation in photography, and it is by showing our work more widely that we can continue to create. By the same token, the more we share our photographs, the more we can compare our perceptions of the world and our concerns, and enrich ourselves thru the eyes of others.

Our commitment is imbued with otherness and mutual understanding. We are offering, via the platform of our website, visibility to a range of photographers, be they reporters, personal photographers, street photographers, photographic artists etc. This sharing brings a diversity of views, thus developing a landscape of women’s photography. If the eclecticism of a society is to be represented, it has to be able to make itself visible.

It is this thought that underwrites our publication, which, every three months, will bring evidence of the diversity of practice and views of contemporary women photographers. The diversity of points of view being our strength, we also want to make this magazine a space open to everyone for everyone, and give the chance to each and everyone, from edition to edition by the means of the editorial, the possibility to express themselves freely, to set out their vision of today’s image and the world in which she or he is evolving. It is not here to oppose genres, beings or visions, but to overcome the recurrent invisibility of expression of the lives, feelings and perceptions of one part of the population, in order to show the diversity of the world in its reality and at its correct value.


The FemmesPHOTOgraphes team


Photographers shown:

Maud Veith, Dominique Journet Ramel, Khanh Dang-Tran, Isabelle Gressier, Kim lan Nguyên Thi, Noémi Aubry, Irène Jonas, Christine Delory-Momberger, Hélène Langlois, Valérie Léonard, Estelle Lagarde


From 18th to 23rd April
L’Œil du Huit
8 rue Milton, 75009 Paris

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