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Guy Tillim, Union Avenue, Harare, 2016 © Guy Tillim, and Stevenson Gallery
Guy Tillim, Union Avenue, Harare, 2016 © Guy Tillim, and Stevenson Gallery

My series arises from the « Projet Racines ». It analyzed the origins of each since 2013 .

Between the American continent and Europe, the concepts of identity and attachment to a place or land are the very essence of this work. My project could be seen as a singular tribute to Man and to the heritage of a land, both tangible and intangible.

Everything starts with an encounter that is fixed in time, in the form of a photographic portraiture. Then the top, the rock or the building becomes the sample holder of a slice of life. Through these projections, “Racines” sublimates Man and his habitat. They remind us of the symbolism of natural elements and thus, in a moving and ephemeral way, give life to an individual or collective history.

Every photo hides stories without which the emotion is lesser.

It tell the part of a being to reignite their feelings and memories in a place that is unique to them.

Once brought to light, these rooted memories generate in each and one of us an emotion that is unique, that is our own.

Both an artistic and photographic project, it is first and foremost the project which makes me go towards the Other one to learn to know him.

Clément Lesaffre