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Thibaut Cuisset, photographer, has died

Beautiful figure of the photography, Thibaut Cuisset died, Thursday January 19, 2017 in Villejuif (V...

Leica Hall of Fame Award 2017 goes to Joel Meyerowitz

The acclaimed photographer Joel Meyerowitz will be honoured todya, 18 January 2017, for his lifework...

PDN Photo Annual: applications open until February 3rd

The PDN Photo Annual celebrates remarkable photography from around the world, from major advertising...
Grace Coddington, 1959 by Lord Snowdon, as reproduced in Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue. Also posted by Grace Coddington on her Instagram.
Grace Coddington, 1959 by Lord Snowdon, as reproduced in Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue. Also posted by Grace Coddington on her Instagram.

Andy Romanoff

Correspondent North America : United States
Los Angeles, USA

Andy Romanoff is completely self-taught as a photographer and writer. After being thrown out of five high schools in his native Chicago he moved to Los Angeles and spent fifty years working as a cinematographer, specialist camera operator, business exec and always as a photographer. He is a member of the Motion Picture Academy, and an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers but nothing makes him happier than working as a photojournalist. ( Photo © Henner Hofmann, ASC)

Andy Romanoff's pictures for L'oeil are all available for sale at his website: - Click on comissioned photos.

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© Andy Romanoff, Gallery owner, curator, chief cook and bottle washer
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Nun © Roy Dybuncio
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© Michael Kirchoff, Transfiguration Cathedral Compound, Kizhi, 2010
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A view from a hillside in Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, Montecito Heights, California, showing a springtime green, with downtown Los Angeles in the distance.
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