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Susan Meiselas’s Book Signis at Bal this Tuesday 23rd May

The BAL invites photographer Susan Meiselas, member of Magnum Photos, for a book signing session of...

Open calls : Picto Fashion Prize 2017

The famous Picto Prize is also offering opportunities in fashion photography category. After chang...

American photographer Stanley Greene dies in Paris

The American war photographer Stanley Greene is dead, announced this morning several newspapers in F...
SanFrancisco,1978 © Stanley Greene, Courtesy Polka Galerie
SanFrancisco,1978 © Stanley Greene, Courtesy Polka Galerie

Laurence Cornet

Journalist : United States
New York, USA

I have worked for the past nine years as a photography and video critic. I am a regular contributor for various magazines including Images Magazine (FR), Boltart (TR), Brownbook (UAE), L'Oeil de la Photographie (FR/US), Le Devoir (CA), Tunica (US), Prussian Blue (FR), Camera (FR) and Dog Food (US),  of which I am also the co-editor. Besides medias, I have worked on severals book projects world wide (Actes Sud, RecCollective) and curated photography from and about the Middle East and the Mediterranean for French and Turkish institutions (Le Bleu du Ciel, PhotoMed, Christies).
Since 2012, I am based in New York,  from where I pursue writing and curating projects while coordinating the development of MagnumTime, the oral history project of the Magnum Foundation.

(Copyright photo: Sinem Disli)

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