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Ren Hang, Chinese erotic photographer, commits suicide

Le photographe chinois Ren Hang, né en 1987, s’est suicidé ce 24 février 2017.

Conversation with the owners of the Lumière des Roses’ gallery

Since 2004, Marion and Philippe Jacquier exhibit and sell "icons of anonymous photography" in their ...

Book Signing with Manfred Heiting on Saturday, Feb 25th in LA

Photographer Manfred Heiting will be signing his new book entitled The Soviet Photobook this Saturd...
© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)
© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)


Eli Lotar, Inter-War Photographer
27/02/2017 - france , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

In connection with the 40th anniversary of the Centre Pompidou, the Eli Lotar exhibition at the Jeu de Paume is a co-production between the two Parisian institutions. Gathering around one hundred vintage prints as well as documents, it is the first retrospective dedicated to someone not only a photographer, but a filmmaker as well.

Marianna Rothen, Shadows in Paradise
27/02/2017 - united states , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

On view at Steven Kasher Gallery, in New York, is Marianna Rothen’s latest series Shadows in Paradise and a two-channel video installation The Woman with The Crown. Rothen creates her work with a complex alternation of analog and digital processes. Her subjects are captured digitally, then re-photographed onto Polaroid film which is digitally scanned and digitally printed for exhibition.

Nicolas Dhervillers, Detachment
27/02/2017 - france , written by Julie Estève

In Detachment, the new photographic series by Nicolas Dhervillers, nature is frosty and very white. The roads are carved out towards we know not where, or hidden by tight bends. The forests look like jungles. There are lost mountains, peaks and ravines, a metal bridge between two worlds, a spectacular waterfall.

How photography invented the mountain
27/02/2017 - Switzerland , written by Luc Debraine

Who invented the mountainous landscape? Romantic literature, with its fascination for the sublime? Painting? Engraving? None of the above: the credit for popularizing the theme in the late nineteenth century, just as tourism and mountaineering were taking off, goes to photography.

Thomas Albdorf, General View
27/02/2017 - United states , written by Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Reality is disarrayed in specific images and iconic landscapes. There is an idea when you hear a word like park. An image grows; perhaps it blooms green in your mind with standing trees, peaks and pillars of stone and bark. Or maybe not? Perhaps a different place, a person, a picnic, a panoramic.

Laura Bonnefous, Out of Line
24/02/2017 - france , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

Through an artistic photographic style focusing on the spaces she encounters and those she recreates in a studio, Laura Bonnefous offers us with a photographic, sculpture-like practice. Stimulated by the relationship that humans have with the spaces and shapes that form our contemporary landscape, she is inspired by the things that surround us to create her own more personal and metaphorical spaces.

Vincent Fillon, We were here
24/02/2017 - france , written by Fanny Léglise

Following on the heels of his work dealing with urban landscapes, including the series Entre Deux and City One, Vincent Fillon returns to Little Big Galerie with nocturnal images made deep in the woods. The exhibition is part of the network of the Circulation(s) Festival’s “associated venues.”

Pierre Magne, Lust & Pleasure
24/02/2017 - france , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

Lust & Pleasure is a series freely inspired by the world of brothels between 1920 and 1930. After visiting an exhibition about Le Chabanais, one of the best known and luxurious brothels in Paris between 1878 and 1946, the photographer Pierre Magne developed a series both suave and sensual.

Daniel Miller Goes to Russia and Los Angeles Gets an Interesting Show
24/02/2017 - united states , written by Andy Romanoff

Daniel Miller went to Russia in the spring of 2015 to give a lecture in St Petersburg. While he was there he discovered the work of Soviet era Russian photographers, all of them pretty much unknown in the west. That makes sense, if you think about it you quickly realize most of our images of Soviet times are propaganda pictures, ours and theirs.

Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Teeth, Gums, Machines, Future, Society
24/02/2017 - italy , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

Lili Reynaud-Dewar (born in La Rochelle, France 1975 / lives in Paris and Grenoble) opens Museion's 2017 exhibition programme. One distinctive artist on the contemporary scene, Reynaud-Dewar's complex oeuvre references the liberation movements and subcultures of the twentieth century, exploring the notion of cultural, social and emotive identity.


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