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Thibaut Cuisset, photographer, has died

Beautiful figure of the photography, Thibaut Cuisset died, Thursday January 19, 2017 in Villejuif (V...

Leica Hall of Fame Award 2017 goes to Joel Meyerowitz

The acclaimed photographer Joel Meyerowitz will be honoured todya, 18 January 2017, for his lifework...

PDN Photo Annual: applications open until February 3rd

The PDN Photo Annual celebrates remarkable photography from around the world, from major advertising...
Grace Coddington, 1959 by Lord Snowdon, as reproduced in Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue. Also posted by Grace Coddington on her Instagram.
Grace Coddington, 1959 by Lord Snowdon, as reproduced in Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue. Also posted by Grace Coddington on her Instagram.


The Circulation(s) Festival kicks off at the Centquatre-Paris
23/01/2017 - france , written by Sophie Bernard

The Circulation(s) Festival, dedicated to young European photography, attracted as many as 50,000 visitors last year, and continues to assert itself as an event not to be missed. We discover the 2017 program with Marion Hisler, founder and director of the association Fetart which is behind the creation of the festival.

Opening of Photo L.A.: Why You Don’t Want to Miss It
11/01/2017 - United States , written by Andy Romanoff

What I love about shows like Photo L.A. is that they function as anti-museums, places where hi-art and street art vie for your attention without the intervention of a curated point of view. Of course there are many curators involved but each is working independently. The results are a random but often-beautiful set of visual interactions, all mediated by commerce and desire.

What to see at Paris Photo 2016?
30/12/2016 - france , written by Cécilia Sanchez

Held from November 10 to 13 in the Grand Palais in Paris, Paris Photo is celebrating its 20th anniversary. At this gigantic fair for the still image, 153 galleries and 30 publishing houses from around the world set up booths under the glass vault. The Eye of Photography will be your guide to dozens of stands.

Paris Photo 2016: our photostudio at Minipalais
30/12/2016 - France , written by Jean-Jacques Naudet

Since Paris Photo moved to the Grand Palais, it was my dream to open a photo studio during the fair and to have all the people we love in the world of photography being photographed. This year we have succeeded.

Mona Kuhn, Poems
At Paris Photo
30/12/2016 - france , written by Elizabeth Avedon

Mona Kuhn’s long awaited new series, “Poems,” had it’s debut showing with five extraordinary images at Paris Photo last week at Jackson Fine Art Gallery. The images are slightly reminiscent of her earlier series, “Evidence”, but take the work to a deeper, more ethereal level. Mona Kuhn spoke with L’Œil de la photography at Paris Photo and was asked about the background of this work.

Deauville 2016 : The 7th edition of the Planche(s) Contact exhibition
29/12/2016 - france , written by Philippe Normand

Planche(s) Contact, a festival of photographic creations, is celebrating six years and its seventh edition. Six years old, that’s the age at which children go to the “big school”. For this festival, it’s the time when it has to join the club of principal photography festivals. Since its creation in 2010, Planche(s) Contact has remained faithful to its founding principles and today it has established itself as a unique creative meeting point, a major festival on the map of national photographic events.

We Have to Save Perpignan and Soldier Leroy
28/12/2016 - France , written by Jean-Jacques Naudet

Is the title a joke? Unfortunately not! The festival is a wonderful ensemble of astonishing exhibitions, some deeply moving, with many eye-opening projections. However, the heart of the festival, the 3rd floor of the Palais des Congrès supposed to represent booming agencies, is a cemetery! We, of course, rush through it to mask its deficiencies and, in the center of the room, find portfolio reviews for aspiring photojournalists.

The ten years anniversary of GetxoPhoto
28/12/2016 - Spain , written by Christian Caujolle

What a dream weather to celebrate, on the edge of the ocean, the ten years of one of the most original European festivals. Getxo is still unusual. You access it by subway, coming from Bilbao. People come off for a long walk along the beach leading to the old port at Punta Begoña, a city increasingly invested by the festival.

Photofairs Shanghai 2016 : Diary of Valerie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing
28/12/2016 - China , written by Valérie-Anne Giscard d'Estaing

The third edition of the 2016 Shanghai Photofairs was marked by a certain maturity. To illustrate it, here is an interview with Alexander Montague-Sparey, its artistic director.

Opening of Les Rencontres d’Arles
26/12/2016 - France , written by Jean-Jacques Naudet

The Rencontres d'Arles photography festival opens today with a stunning programme of events. This is the second year that Sam Stourdzé has been in charge of the festival and he applies two principles: first, there is no central theme but instead a series of exhibitions that complement or indeed interact with one another, and secondly, the festival’s absolute priority is to support photographic creation by showing off the full array of its artistic expression. In other words, we won’t be subjected to the standard 50 cardboard prints.


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