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Richard Mosse Arrested in Greece

Irish photographer Richard Mosse, recently winner of the Pictet 2017 prize for his Heat Maps series ...

Charleroi’s Museum of Photography Celebrates 30 Years

Created in 1987, the Museum of Photography in Charleroi celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this ye...

Martin Parr in Person at Metrograph New York

British photographer Martin Parr, a member of the Magnum Photos agency, will be in conversation with...
Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos


César Ordóñez : Ashimoto
01/07/2015 , written by

Bryan Schutmaat
Grays the Mountains
12/02/2015 - United States , written by Severine Morel

Silas Fich reedited a second edition of Grays the Mountain Sends by Bryan Schutmaat that was named one of the best photobooks of 2013 by The Washington Post, Photo District News, Hotshoe International, and numerous other critics. It took the top prize in the photobook category in the New York Photo Awards, it was shortlisted for The Paris Photo/Aperture Photobook Awards, and it was acquired by libraries at the MoMA, New York and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

Jason Hindley
11/02/2015 - United Kingdom , written by Severine Morel

Jason Hindley is a virtuoso of still life advertisements. His unique style has made him a big name in the industry. Hindley started out as part of the duo Giblin & James, and since going solo in 2006, he has applied his spontaneously composed approach to the small oddities of everyday life.

Adam Ekberg
Orchestration of the ordinary
11/02/2015 - United States , written by Severine Morel

Orchestration of the Ordinary is the first solo exhibition from Adam Ekberg in New York, presented by the ClampArt gallery. His staged scenes of everyday objects are at the border between photography and performance art—with a touch of Dada—subverting common sense to create “ephemeral occurrences.”

Jean-Yves Lemoigne
10/02/2015 - France , written by Severine Morel

"Like everyone else, I discovered GIFs about ten years ago, but back then it was more like animated design. Then cinemagraphs started appearing four or five years ago. Those are images where one element is animated and the rest remain fixed. GIF is a generic term for those little animated images, but it’s a kind of file."Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Mike Harvey
10/02/2015 - United Kingdom , written by Severine Morel

Fascinated by the human race, Mike Harvey turned his taxi into a cabinet of curiosities. Harvey moonlights as a driver to help fund his trips abroad to discover how other people live, including the passengers of his taxi in Swansea, Wales. As attentive and discreet as a therapist, he watches, observes and lets them express what makes them unique, their secrets and their suffering, emerging with a short urban philosophy in sincere black and white images that are curious and endearing.

Clement Huylenbroeck
Communal Dream
10/02/2015 - Belgium , written by Severine Morel

Clement Huylenbroeck’s Wallonie as been added to the collection This is Not a Map, which celebrates the encounter between a photographer and a place. These fake maps, printed on original paper, combine the pleasure of the object with the pleasure of the photograph, taking viewers on a narrative, subjective and highly seductive journey.

Stephane Remael
The Vanished
10/02/2015 - France , written by Severine Morel

Work from Photographer Stéphane Remael and Journalist Léna Mauger, Les Évaporés "The Vanished" a documentary  research of several years that took them to Tokyo,Osaka and all the way to the forbiden zone of FukushimaFor the publication of the book The Vanished of Japan (Les évaporés du Japon) by the Éditions des Arènes, the Galerie Madé presents The Vanished an exhibition of photographs by Stéphane Rémael.

Olivia Bee
Kids in love
30/12/2014 - United States , written by Severine Morel

This is the first New York exhibition for the talented 19-year old photography and director, Olivia Bee, whose sole objective is emotional authenticity. “These photos are optimistic even when they’re sad. Everything feels like the end and the beginning of the world when you’re 16 years old” says Olivia Bee.

Sacha Goldberger
Vlaamse Helden – Super Flemish
18/12/2014 - France , written by Severine Morel

What happens when a photographer and former art director brings pop culture and superhoes into Flemish painting and  Elizabethan-era fashion?


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