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Nicéphore Niépce Museum Looking For A New Directeur

The Nicéphore Niépce museum and the town of Chalon-sur-Saône are looking for a director. With a c...

Winners of the LensCulture and Magnum Photography Prize Announced

The Magnum Photos agency and the magazine LensCulture announced the winners of their very young phot...

Record Auctions for Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer #84, 2004 © Wolfgang Tillmans & Phillips The 48-year-old Germa...
Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone
Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone


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Platform Africa: the latest issue of Aperture
06/06/2017 - united states , written by Arthur Dayras

Platform Africa, the Summer issue of Aperture Magazine, hits the newsstands on June 6. From Abdo Shanan and Sabelo Mlangeni to Eric Gyamfi and Délio Jasse, the issue offers a remarkable panorama of African photography.

A journey with Joseph Beuys and Peter Sager
28/04/2017 - united states , written by Gerd Ludwig

In early 1978, I went on a journey to the Lower Rhine with Joseph Beuys and art historian Peter Sager. Our travels led us back to Beuys' origins, back to his roots near the city of Kleve, where everything started - his life and his legend.

Normal Magazine N°8 : In Search of Eroticism
28/04/2017 - france , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

Normal Magazine is back and releasing its 8th issue. To be seen are the most beautiful nudes with Kristian Schuller, Signe Vilstrup, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Sacha Goldberger, Vijat Mohindra, Peter Coulson, and Vincent Peters. The Eye of Photography is presenting the work of Malo, a young emerging photographer.

Word & Thoughts of Liza Kanaeva
11/04/2017 - united states , written by Arthur Dayras

Today begins the second episode of our World and Thoughts series with Liza Kanaeva. The young Russian photographer unveils her work and details her taste for encounters and her attention to natural light.

Sensitive memory
05/04/2017 - france , written by Cathy Rémy

Bridging the past and the future, reality and fiction, photography finds in this double coming and going a source of strength as well as ambivalence, which also accounts for its unique status.

Aperture Magazine Spring edition is out
04/04/2017 - United States of America , written by Arthur Dayras

Aperture Magazine launches earlier this month its 226th issue. Available in newsstands and entitled American Destiny, this edition focuses on contemporary America past, present and futur

“Archives” at the “Museum”, Analysis of a Semantic Shift
The Case of the Archives of the Planet
10/03/2017 - france , written by Valérie Perlès

Contrarily to the majority of encyclopedic approaches initiated in the second half of the 19th century, constructed on the principle of the collection and classification of different preexisting data, images collected according to aesthetic or thematic criteria, the Archives of the Planet first came into existence as a production company, which operated from 1909 to 1931.

Transbordeur—a new journal of photography history
09/03/2017 - france , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

Transbordeur is a new annual review of history of photography edited by the historians Christian Joschke and Olivier Lugon. Its readers will be interested in photography in all its forms and in the history, sociology, and technical evolution, material production and interpretation of images, their relationship to time and history, and their circulation; they will wish to understand the world through the history of culture; and they will curious and critical observers of the visual phenomena around them.

Documentary photography collections at the turn of the twentieth century
09/03/2017 - france , written by Estelle Sohier, Anne Lacoste et Olivier Lugon

In the late nineteenth century, nearly fifty years after the invention of photography, images were being produced in industrialized countries at an exponential rate. While the practice of photography was made more popular with the introduction of dry plates and film, new methods of photomechanical reproduction made it possible to print multiple illustrations at low cost in an ever-growing number of newspapers and magazines.

Impressa magazine, on young women photographers
16/02/2017 - Germany , written by L'Oeil de la Photographie

impressa is a new and independent online magazine featuring outstanding works by young women photographers. Founded in 2016 in Berlin, Germany, impressa was born from a very particular concern: the under-representation of women within the arts being an issue all too often ignored.


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