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Martin Parr in Person at Metrograph New York

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Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold, School for non-violence, Virginia, 1960 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

Chanel par Willy Rizzo

November 4, 2015 , written by la-redaction-the-staff

Willy Rizzo « eut » toutes les stars, ou presque. De Marilyn à Bardot, de Marlène à l’ami Nicholson. La liste est longue de celles et ceux qui acceptèrent et parfois demandèrent à ce photographe de les mettre en boîte… Willy Rizzo fut aussi le confident discret et secret d’une immense artiste, le seul génie absolu que connut sans doute l’univers de la mode. Son nom ? Gabrielle Chanel, dite Coco pour les amis, la postérité, et l’éternité. Entre eux, ce fut très vite, dans cet après-guerre couleur grisaille, un feu d’artifices permanent. Une amitié folle, comme on parle d’amour fou, qui ne s’éteignit qu’avec la disparition de la grande Mademoiselle.

Willy Rizzo s’est éteint en 2013 à l’âge de 85 ans, il laisse derrière lui de nombreux clichés, parmi eux, ses séances de photos au studio de la rue Cambon, rue François Ier et place du Palais Bourbon, capturant à l’insu de son hôtesse concentrée, l’instant miraculeux où un bout d’étoffe sculpté sur un corps de femme devient une merveille de vêtement. Chanel au travail, Rizzo dans son élément, invisible et studieux. Chanel par Rizzo est publié aux éditions Minerve et à cette occasion, une exposition est organisée au Studio Willy Rizzo jusqu’au 28 novembre prochain.

Chanel par Willy Rizzo
Minerve Editions
200 pages, 181 Photographs
25 x 34 cm
ISBN 978-2-911469-47-3
€ 75.00

Chanel par Willy Rizzo
From October 15th to November 28th, 2015
Studio Willy Rizzo
12 rue de Verneuil
75007 Paris



  From   2015-10-15
  To    2015-11-28


Studio Willy Rizzo

12 rue de Verneuil 75007 Paris
Paris France



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Willy Rizzo

Willy Rizzo (1928 - 2013) started his career in Paris where he photographed stars and starlets for « Ciné Mondial », « Point de vue » and « Image du monde ». He even c...

Paris: Le Corbusier by Willy Rizzo

Fifty years after the Le Corbusier’s death, the Studio Willy Rizzo is presenting a selection of original prints of color and black-and-white portraits of the architect. Starting in 1953, Willy Rizzo shot a series of portraits of Le Corbusier in different locations...

Willy Rizzo
Book and exhibitions

Willy Rizzo started taking picture at eighteen before being hired by France Dimanche to cover the first Cannes Film Festival and becoming one of the pillars of Paris Match and a contributor to Vogue magazine for over 20 years. In 1996, in Rome, for his fr...

Willy Rizzo
Back from Hollywood

The Studio Willy Rizzo has organized a new exhibition of the Hollywood photographs of Willy Rizzo, which will be on display through July 5th. “There’s no way I’m taking a plane to go to California,” Rizzo wrote during his first trip to Los Angele...

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Studio Willy Rizzo presents the new exhibition by Rizzo: Rio de Janeiro. This exhibition will be opened until november 1st, 2013.

Willy Rizzo: –Il était une fois Deauville

In August 1949, Willy Rizzo, armed with a 6x6, photographed Deauville in color, with the keen eye and ardor of a 21-year old. His photographs, taken five years after the Normandy landings, were the first published photos of postwar Deauville. Rizzo was at the time one of the most...

Paris: Willy Rizzo –Cultura Audaciosa

To be bold is to never shy away from elegance. In 1968, when the Paris-Match and Vogue photographer Willy Rizzo, inventor of the synthetic portrait and a master of color, decided to become a designer, that was also bold.

Willy Rizzo: –Chanel Moments

On the Rue Cambon, Chanel No. 5 was sprayed every morning when the doors opened. It was the aroma of a boudoir, of love. And of a hive: at Chanel, every bee worked in the service of the queen. The saleswomen wore black, and the workers and the models between fittings wore white o...

In Memoriam
Willy Rizzo:–by Daniel Filipacchi

Two years ago, art collector and media mogul Daniel Filippachi sat down with us to speak about Willy Rizzo. Here is that interview, first published on December 6, 2010. In an exclusive audio interview, Daniel Filipacchi share his personal memories of Willy Rizzo and Paris Match...

Le Corbusier by –Willy Rizzo

Toward the end of 1953, Willy Rizzo took a series of portraits of the architect Le Corbusier, three of which were published in the magazine Paris Match. Much of Rizzo’s work was done in medium-format color. These photographs have not been published since. As part of the events ...

Willy Rizzo : Les plus belles femmes du monde

From December 7 to January 6, 2013, the Studio Willy Rizzo in Paris will present Les plus belles femmes du monde (The Most Beautiful Women in the World) as photographed by Willy Rizzo, beginning in 1950. From Marilyn Monroe and Milla Jovovich to Audrey Hepburn and Monica Bellucci...

Willy Rizzo: –Funny Faces

"It all started when I photographed Catherine Deneuve. Watching her, I immediately noticed her unusual facial expressions. At the end of the shoot, for fun, I kept asking her to make faces, and then we went on shooting. A good funny face assumes that you have an original face, as...

The wonderful story of Saint-Tropez by Willy Rizzo

As early as 1950, Saint-Tropez was already more than a fishing village and had become a second home to the Parisian high society that strolled to and fro under Willy Rizzo’s bemused and festive gaze. Everyone who was anyone would congregate beneath the Mediterranean sun [...]

The genius of Willy Rizzo
At Gallery Vassie

The Vassie gallery Amsterdam presents an exhibition of the Italian-French photographer and designer Willy Rizzo. Through a series of celebrity portraits, in black and white and color, we are plunged into the world of fashion and cinema of the postwar era.