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Luciana Pampalone, Graflex, 2012 © Luciana Pampalone


Nathan (Natti)  Miller

Photographer, Israel

(Photo : © Abbas / Magnum Photos)

Nathan (Natti) Miller is Melbourne photographer, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Nathan’s interest lies in the visual storytelling of people and places with a vivid cultural identity. His extensive travels across the globe have provided both the inspiration and backdrop for his work.  His first solo exhibition was a documentary of eleven days spent in Havana, Cuba. Nathan became engulfed by Havana’s sights and sounds, and was fascinated by the role that music played in people’s everyday lives.  Following his Cuban experience, Nathan embarked on another project, this time documenting the Mississippi Delta in the USA where the blues originated. This work was exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art and also shown in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarkdale, USA. This project was subsequently documented in a hardcover book Notes from the Mississippi Delta. Despite making a dozen visits within eight years, Nathan does not claim to have a full comprehensive study of the Mississippi Delta, only a “footnote” of what the Delta holds.  In 2013, Nathan participated in a Magnum Photos international workshop concentrating on district 18 in Paris. The workshop was conducted by Abbas, a world renowned Magnum photographer. The project concluded with the production of a book of collective images by eleven photographers, including 11 by Nathan.  Nathan’s latest project is documenting his observations of Jaffa (Yaffo), in Israel. The project captures Jaffa’s visual uniqueness and the rhythms of daily life from diverse religious and cultural perspectives. Nathan attempts to challenge preconceptions and clichéd assumptions about the lives of Arabs and Jews living in Israel (not referring to the occupied territories). This body of work reflects on Arabs and Jews living as one community.  The project photographs have been brought together in a hardcover book published and distributed internationally by Melbourne publisher M.33. Exhibition of the work in various countries is currently being planned.  In between projects, Nathan is carrying his camera wandering the streets, looking to capture in his own way moments between people and places.

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