Ren Hang, photographe érotique chinois, s’est suicidé

Le photographe chinois Ren Hang, né en 1987, s’est suicidé ce 24 février 2017.

Conversation avec la galerie Lumière des Roses sur la photographie anonyme

Depuis 2004, Marion et Philippe Jacquier exposent et vendent des « icônes de la photographie anony...

Signature de livre avec Manfred Heiting samedi 25 février à LA

© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)
© Ryan McGinley, Dash (Manhattan Bridge)


The Direction

Jean Jacques Naudet / Editorial director
Jean-Jacques is the former editor-in-chief of the French PHOTO magazine for 18 years and the editor-at-large of AMERICAN PHOTO in the United States for 17 years. L’Oeil is the brainchild of Jean-Jacques Naudet.

Ericka Weidmann / Editor in Chief
Ericka began her career working for an online photography magazine.
With more than ten years experience, this Renaissance woman is today a freelance artistic director and curator. She joined the Team in December 2010.

Aurélie Tisseyre / Head of Strategy and Development
Journalist and unit manager, Aurelie Tisseyre works and manages web editorial contents for RealTV programs in the early 2000’s (Big Brother, Pop Idols).
She’s an MBA graduate of EGE and helds a variety of implementation and development of communications unit and crisis management before dedicating herself to her passion, photocollection.
In 2010, she founds Hold Up Photo website and joins the daily news “The Eye of Photography” in 2014 as associated and director of strategy and development.

Rudth-Mael Galite / Chief Technology Officer
From a very young age, Rudth-Mael has been interested in computers and technology. After studying five years at a Parisian engineering school, he got his first job in a California start-up company. A specialist in web and mobile technology as well as digital marketing, the entrepreneurial Rudth-Mael joined L’Oeil de la Photographie as its Chief Technology Officer.

The Permanent Contributors

Greg Hermann / Translator English
Greg is a freelance translator. He studied experimental theatre at New York University and philosophy at La Sorbonne, where he specialized in video game aesthetics.

Sylvie Rebbot / Editorial secretary (English)
Sylvie started everything backward, travelling around the world before entering the working world always in photography: Sygma New York first, then Woodfin Camp in New York. Returned to Paris to direct The Magnum archives and then the photo department of Geo Magazine in France.

Orsolya Elek / Manager of « Agenda » Categories
Photographer, webmaster and graphic designer, Orsolya Elek was born in Budapest, Hungary. After her studies in photojournalism and picture editing, she comes to Paris in 2010 to pursue her master’s degree in contemporary art theory at Paris 8 University. She has worked with Too many Pictures agency since January 2013 and collaborate to different cultural marketing projects among which the Paris Photo agenda. She joins the Eye of Photography’s team in April 2014 to manage its global agenda.

Damien Robert / Traffic Manager
Keen on information seeking, technology and considering Internet as an access to general culture without discrimination, he has been devoted to this industry for almost 10 years. Web exposure, social media, blogging, web redaction, his skills are evolving and growing as the digital marketing industry is. Regarding the increase of the information available on Internet nowadays, the Web visibility is the key of success. With the project of L’Oeil de la Photographie, Web techniques become digital art.

The Regular Contributors

Pauline Auzou / Journalist: France
After spending two years in Sydney working as an editorial coordinator for Dazed & Confused, Pauline joined the editorial team of the Agence VU’ and spent several years there. Today she works for the photo department of Vogue.

Elizabeth Avedon / Journalist: United States
Elizabeth Avedon is an independent curator and book + exhibition designer. Elizabeth is a regular contributor to L’Oeil de la Photographie and wrote the essay «My Impressions of Vivian Maier» for powerHouse Books.

Marine Cabos / Journalist: China
Marine is a PhD candidate at SOAS (University of London) who has worked in cultural institutions across the world, such as museums, foundations, galleries, and art magazines. Over the years she has developed a keen interest in arts of China and especially photography.

Christian Caujolle / Journalist
In 1986 he creates Agence VU, a photographers’ agency. In 1997 he was the artistic director of Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles. Since 2006 he is professor at the National Superior School Louis Lumière. Céline Chevallier / Journalist : South American Freelance writer and video artist, Céline lives and works in Brasilia. She worked at first as an editor for an online photography magazine. Today she writes about South American photography for L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Laurence Cornet / Journalist: United States
She is a regular contributor for various magazines including Images Magazine (FR), Boltart (TR), Brownbook (UAE), L’Oeil de la Photographie (FR/US), Le Devoir (CA), Tunica (US), Prussian Blue (FR), Camera (FR) and Dog Food (US), of which she is also the co-editor.

Jonas Cuénin / Journalist: United States
Journalist and photographer, Jonas has lived and worked in New York. He is the portrait photographer for France-Amérique, a magazine for the Francophone community living in the United States, and his contributions to Getty Images occasionally appear in the press. Jonas covers current events in American photography for L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Virginie Drujon Kippelen / Journalist: United States
Virginie works in Atlanta, Georgia, as a freelance photographer and writer. She studied philosophy and journalism. Virginie came to photography late in life and realized it was another way to fulfill her curiosity about life and human interactions.

Sybile Girault / Journalist: India
Holding a Master degree in History and Art History, Sybile Girault writes about photography and modern art. She covers for L’Oeil de la Photographie the news of photography in India and, more widely, on the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). Eva Gravayat / Journalist : Germany
Eva has been the exhibition coordinator at the Rencontres d’Arles festival from 2008 to 2011. She now lives in Berlin, where she works as a freelance cultural event coordinator and covers the German photography scene for L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Christophe Lunn / Journalist
He was born in New York City in 1966. Son of an art dealer, he was quickly immersed in fine art and historical photography. Through his articles in L’Oeil de la Photographie he cultivates and shares the pleasure of his eye.

Séverine Morel / Trends Column
Having worked as an art buyer for an advertising agency (Havas Worldwide Paris). Based in Paris, Séverine writes the “Trends” column for L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Yan Morvan / Photographer: France
Yan is a photojournalist, portrait photographer, war correspondent, and the author of several books. His work appears regularly in the press. Yan is ‘The Eye of L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Patricia Nagy / Journalist: Fashion
Patricia Nagy, began her career at ELLE magazine’s international editions 13 years ago in Manhattan, and has now been based in Paris for the past 10 years.

Michel Philippot / Journalist: France
Journalist, associated editor France, Associate Editor-in-Chief at Gamma Agency (1989-90). Editor-in-Chief Photo VSD (1990-93). Editor-in-Chief Photo, Point de Vue, Globe, Evénement du Jeudi, Fémina (1993-1998). And Editor-in-Chief Photo Le Monde2 (1998- 2009).

Antoine Soubrier / Journalist: France
After stints at Voxpop magazine, the Agence VU’ and Steidl and Mack publishing, Antoine edited an online photo magazine. Today he continues to write about photography, and is a junior producer at Art Department Europe.

Alison Stieven-Taylor / Journalist: Australia
A freelance journalist for over 25 years, Alison has written for a wide variety of magazines from music bible Rolling Stone to Pro Photo. She has also worked as a magazine editor and columnist. Specializing in writing about photography, particularly photojournalism and social documentary.